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By Denise Hicks and Susan Lundine – Orlando Business Journal

The historic low unemployment rate America is enjoying right now creates some challenges for nationwide staffing firm Crawford Thomas Recruiting. That’s because now, it’s tougher to find top-notch job candidates.

“Our clients need us more than ever to deliver top candidates,” said William C. Stonehouse III, president. “But given the scarcity and endless options candidate see in the job market, the landscape has changed greatly in recent years. We have unprecedented demand from our clients in dozens of industries and we are working at full speed to meet their needs and exceed expectations. Our job isn’t getting easier, which is a reminder to focus on the fundamentals and continue to execute at the highest possible level as hard work and smart work pays off.”

Crawford Thomas Recruiting’s success led it to winning a spot on ‘s 2018 Fast 50 list, which recognizes Central Florida’s 50 fastest-growing private companies headquartered in Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osceola counties. The firms were ranked based on their percentage of revenue growth from 2015-2017.

Here, Stonehouse tells more about himself and the firm, which notched $9.5 million in 2017 revenue, up from $8.5 million the prior year:

Market strategy: We deliver the best candidates as fast as possible at an extremely fair price with integrity and professionalism

Future plans: Continued growth of all regional offices and continued development and advancement of internal roles and people

Factors driving your company’s growth? The people we hire — we spend 100 percent of our time hiring great people both internally and for our clients. Leveraging the latest technology, we are constantly on the hunt for the latest tech that can help us execute on our daily quest for the perfect candidate. Customer service. Great clients we work with some of the best companies in the country/world and they make our job easy. Rewards ultimately helping people get good jobs and helping clients fill these jobs to further their initiatives is addictive and rewarding.

What scares you about growing your company so fast? Maintaining company culture and keeping the fire alive that burned in the early days when there was a startup culture/vibe. Eleven years later, it’s a challenge, and trying to prevent the company culture from getting too watered down with the addition of so many new people is a daily task.

Have you been able to hire enough qualified workers to keep up with the company’s growth? Absolutely, it’s what we do!

What strategies do you use? Our focus is and always has been a customer first model and everything we do is related to delivering the highest level of customer service, to our clients and candidates alike.

What might slow down the growth of your company? Continued low unemployment simultaneously creates demand and scarcity, all while increasing the degree of difficulty, but we love the challenge.

What would you ask next year’s Fast 50? The plan is to make the list again next year for the sixth time in a row, so I would ask them since they are growing and must be hiring, why aren’t we working together?

Key accomplishments in the past 12 months: Making the Fast 50 list in 2017 for the fourth year in a row. Making the Inc 5000 for the fifth year in a row. Continued strong revenue growth. Great employee retention. Recognized by Forbes magazine as a top executive search firm two years in a row. Best and brightest places to work

What historical figure would you say had the most influence on your leadership style? On you personally? King Leonidas of Sparta. He could do with 300 men what others couldn’t with 30,000, and that beard…

What would be the title of the movie about you? And who plays you in the lead role? Making a Stonehouse- The story of a 35 year old 7 year old. Staring: Butternut Summer Squash

What would your “second choice” career be if you were not doing this? Helicopter pilot for the U.S. Military

Peanut butter: Crunchy, creamy or allergic? Whipped

What is your favorite way to treat yourself? A trip to the other side of the world

Most embarrassing song in your music collection? That U2 album that Apple made me download

The riskiest thing I’ve done in my personal life…: Quit my job and start Crawford Thomas with my partners

If you were a tree, what type would you be? A mighty oak

Crawford Thomas Recruiting
Description: Nationwide recruiting and staffing firm in areas of sales, IT, accounting, finance, engineering, operations, management, HR and more
Top executive: William C. Stonehouse III, president
Founded: 2007
Address: 429 South Keller Road, Suite 250, Orlando 32810
Contact: (407) 960-5800;
Twitter: @crawfordthomas
Local employees: 50

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