Chicago Headhunters


When it comes to finding the right person to employ, you have hundreds of options on advertising the position and finding top-tier candidates.

In a city like Chicago, those options can become overwhelming and the entire hiring process can become stressful and unproductive. It’s a highly competitive world, so how do you convince the most talented candidates to come work for your company instead of your competitor’s?

That’s where Crawford Thomas’ Chicago Headhunters comes in.

You no longer have to waste time and resources scanning through resumes that are not a good fit for the position. Chicago Headhunters carefully reviews potential candidates and brings to you a selection of worthy and qualified candidates across Chicago and the surrounding areas. We have a wide array of contacts and a vast client list to draw from. Chicago Hunters is constantly networking with new candidates and expanding our database.

But Chicago Headhunters goes beyond just selecting appropriate candidates. That’s part of what makes us different than other agencies.

  • You will have one Crawford Thomas member assigned to you, giving you a consistent, reliable point of contact through the hiring process. Your recruiter has years of experience not only in the recruiting industry, but also knowledge of your specific industry and how it works. We specialize in the areas of sales recruitment, accounting and information technology.
  • We know the Chicago area. We have made it our business to connect with industry-leading companies and we are proud of the business relationships we have established over the years. Even if your company has one of those tough-to-fill positions – such as technology or IT – Chicago Headhunters has a solution. We think outside of the box and use unconventional, yet sophisticated approaches to headhunting in order to find you the best candidate.
  • Chicago Headhunters can scale to meet the needs of both large Chicago companies and those who operate on a smaller scale. We are also aware of the economics of the hiring process and adjust our strategies accordingly in order to bring you the most exceptional candidates. It’s all about looking at the large picture.
  • Need to convince your favorite candidate to switch jobs? Our selling skills surpass other agencies. Our headhunters are excellent at spotting skills and talent. They are creative and ambitious. You can be sure you are dealing with a professional and not an amateur.

Crawford Thomas’s Chicago Headhunters offers low contingency-based placement costs paid only upon successful hire. That you means you don’t spend a dime until we find an appropriate candidate and you make the hire. How about that for a risk-free and cost-effective way to bring outstanding people into your company?

Chicago Headhunters aims to take the uncertainty out of the hiring process. Our focus is quality, not quantity, making us one of the most precision-oriented, successful agencies available.

Let us find exceptional people and give your company a competitive edge.

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