Chicago Recruiters


Are your job postings falling flat? Are your ads for open positions failing to get any attention?

Then you might be in need of a recruiter.

Crawford Thomas’ Chicago Recruiters should be your first choice.

  • Our recruiting focuses on precision and quality, not quantity. This sets us apart from many other agencies. We cater the process to your specific needs. You will be matched with one Crawford Thomas recruiter, giving you a consistent, reliable point of contact through the hiring process. Your recruiter has years of experience not only in the recruiting industry, but also knowledge of your specific industry. We specialize in the areas of sales recruitment, accounting and information technology.
  • We know Chicago and the surrounding areas. We are proud of the business relationships we have established over the years with both industry-leaders and smaller niche companies. We can scale to meet your demand. Chicago Recruiters think outside of the box with our approaches to recruitment, giving you the best chance at hiring a top-tier candidate.
  • Chicago Recruiters incorporates people, technology and process into our unique recruiting methodology. Our goal is success for all parties involved.
  • We have a vast client database established from years of building solid relationships. We are constantly networking with new, talented candidates.
  • Our screening process is rigorous and thorough. We spend the time on the initial, lengthy screening process so you don’t have to. We not only vet resumes, but the process includes interviews and background checks.

It can be draining especially on small companies to spend the time and resources in the hiring process. Few business owners have the luxury to spend the time sifting through resumes. Let Chicago Recruiters help. You can be sure that Chicago Recruiters will present to you only the most competent candidates.

  • Our success has been the result of years of building relationships and maintaining positive and open communication. Our clients have experienced lower business turnover, lower training costs and higher employee morale as a result of using our services. Making the right match between employee and business sets everyone up for success and a long-term relationship.
  • We are also capable of finding timely and temporary employees should that need arise. In the event that one of your employees quits suddenly, Chicago Recruiters can sometimes have the vacancy filled within hours until a more suitable replacement can be found. This prevents real disruptions in your business.
  • Perhaps you are hesitant to pay the fees most recruiters require. Crawford Thomas’s Chicago Recruiters offers low contingency-based placement costs paid only upon successful hire. This makes us a risk-free and cost-effective way to bring quality people into your company. The benefits of choosing Chicago Recruiters far outweigh the fees.

Don’t compromise the success of your company by hiring mediocre employees. Sometimes it is just not enough to place ads on a website or in publications.

You can count on Crawford Thomas’s Chicago Recruiters to set you and your business up for success.

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