3 Common Mistakes That Should Be Avoided by Sales Recruiters

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Sales recruitment has got very little to do with paperwork. Even though resumes are considered to be the primary means through which the candidate portrays their qualifications to the sales recruiter, recruiters and headhunters do not rely solely on the papers presented to them. On the contrary, recruiters are experts at facilitating mutually beneficial relationships between sales candidates and employers. In the course of recruitment however, there are a number of pitfalls that recruiters ought to avoid in order for them to be effective in their work. These include:

1. Waiting for the Right Candidate to Come to You

Dallas recruiters need to recognize that recruitment is an active task. Most of them receive hundreds of applications for the same position. In many cases however, the crème de la crème of sales professionals may not even have applied for the job. Besides this, some salespeople who could be a perfect fit for the job may not even be looking for a new job. This means that when a recruiter chooses to wait for the ideal sales candidate to find them, they are unlikely to get top-notch candidates. Instead, they would probably settle for one of the candidates that walks through their door, even when that candidate is not the best fit for the employer.
The employer may perceive the candidate as poorly suited to the job and in such cases, not only is the salesperson likely to have a very short-lived experience at that company, the employer is also unlikely to hire that recruiter again. Instead, get out and recruit actively. This is a good way to facilitate repeat business and increase your income.

2. Having your Personal Feelings Cloud your Judgment

Charisma and likeability have their place in sales. However, not every likeable individual can make an exceptional sales professional. There are many reasons that could cause you to ‘like’ a sales candidate. Maybe you like the way they dress or they remind you of someone else. You could even be attracted to them. In other cases, you could be empathizing with them because they really need a new job due to personal circumstances. In such cases, it is possible for those aspects that you like about them to cloud your judgment and cause you to recruit sub-par professionals.
The flip side of this coin is failing to hire a sales candidate because you dislike them. They may be wearing a strong cologne that you do not like, which could turn you off from a candidate who is uniquely qualified and suited to the position. As much as possible, separate your prejudices and biases from the process. Ensure that every decision you make benefits the two parties that have a stake in the process, i.e. the employer and the sales candidate.

3. Failing to be Specific about the Requirements of the Position

Dallas Recruiters recognize that there is more to being a salesperson than selling. A sales candidate may be great at selling and yet unable to generate their own leads. To avoid this pitfall, provide comprehensive details on what the position is going to entail, and work to specifically seek out those qualities in candidates. This is necessary so as to select an all-round, ideal candidate for the position.
Clear communication and objective thinking play a major role in sales recruitment. The extent to which Dallas recruiters are able to employ these qualities therefore goes a long way in determining whether their recruitment strategy is boosting or undermining their success.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting3 Common Mistakes That Should Be Avoided by Sales Recruiters