3 Effective Marketing Strategies that will Grow your Career as a Sales Recruiter

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It is often said that marketing is what differentiates between a business and a hobby. As a sales recruiter, the degree to which you market determines how well your career grows. Marketing is the act of promoting your services, which translates into more clients and growth for your recruitment practice.

The key to marketing your sales recruitment services is communication. Established sales recruiters and Dallas headhunters recognize the fact that for a marketing strategy to work for them, it should clearly communicate the value of your services to your target clientele. The three key marketing strategies for recruiters are:

1. Identify and Clarify your Brand

Your brand determines the kind of clients that come to you. This is true both in reference to your corporate clients, as well as sales candidates. The key components of your brand are:

  • Your signature i.e. How you do what you do.
  • Your story. Why do you do what you do? What are you passionate about?
  • The entirety of who you are. This includes aspects such as the way you talk, the way you dress, the places where you meet with your clients and so on.

Your brand is an effective tool for drawing in your ideal client because they are able to instantly connect with the very essence of who you are. Additionally, having a clear brand makes it a lot easier to find you online.

2. Provide Content that is Dynamic and Relevant

It is no longer enough to merely have an online presence. With Google constantly developing new algorithms in order to make Search more effective and discourage fraudulent sites, the only way to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve is to consistently provide information that is beneficial to your target market. This is beneficial in a number of ways:

  1. It helps to optimize your site for ‘Search’, ensuring that you are easy to find.
  2. It helps to establish you as a thought leader in the recruitment industry. This is because you are providing valuable information that readers can take action on.
  3. It keeps users coming back to your site for more.

When a user visits your site or social media platforms and finds what they are looking for, they stay and keep reading. They want more information. It is therefore crucial to find out what information is being sought out by your target market, and then give it to them.

3. Go out and Meet People

Even with the increased use of Social Media and the internet, the recruiter’s marketing package is incomplete if it does not include going out and actually meeting with people. Contrary to popular belief, networking is not just about showing up and handing out business cards. Instead, high achieving Dallas headhunters seek to provide value. At a networking event for instance, you may offer your professional insight on how the executives at a specific company can improve their hiring process. You will not be paid for this consult, but in their minds, they recognize that you are an expert and that you know what you are doing. The next time they need recruiter services therefore, they will automatically think of you.

Marketing strategies are not a one-size-fits-all solution. For every strategy, the Dallas headhunter personalizes it and makes it his/her own.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting3 Effective Marketing Strategies that will Grow your Career as a Sales Recruiter