3 Essential Qualities that Top Companies Look for in Sales Recruitment Agencies

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The purpose of a sales recruitment agency is essentially to act as a middleman between companies that are looking for salespeople, and candidates seeking sales positions. Their roles include seeking out prospective candidates and taking them through a series of interviews. The agency does this until they are satisfied that the candidate left standing is ideal for the company seeking to employ.

Top companies, especially those involved in sales, often seek out the services of recruitment agencies.  In addition to saving time, money and manpower, hiring these professional services enables the employer to get sales professionals a lot easier. Here are the qualities that attract these sales companies to effective sales recruitment agencies.

1. Recognition

Networking plays a crucial role in the recruitment of salespeople. Traditionally, companies would advertise for sales positions by circulating advertisements in print media, banners, and audio-visual media. The goal was to get the right people to see the advertisement. This goal has not changed. Thus, sales companies seek a recruitment agency that has a stable network in the sales industry. Building such a network is often a result of recognition; with corporate clients and sales candidates all wanting to be associated with the agency.

Many top companies are therefore more likely to go for sales recruitment agencies that have been established over a considerable period of time, and one whose name and brand they recognize. Generally, the more a recruitment agency is recognized, the easier it would be for them to find prospective salespeople on behalf of employers. Recognition determines the quality of candidates that the recruitment agency attracts.

2. Results

The recruitment process amounts to nothing if it does not bear results. In the case of sales recruitment agencies, their success rate is measured in terms of the number of sales candidates they have placed successfully. Successful placement incorporates a number of elements that include:

  • Are the candidate’s skills and qualifications in line with what the position requires?
  • Do the candidate’s values and personality blend well with the company’s culture?
  • Is the candidate beneficial to the employing company over the long term?

Positive and consistent results are a good demonstration that the sales recruitment agency is thorough in their work, and that they go above and beyond what is required of them. This includes performing thorough background checks on any candidates who are under serious consideration for the sales position.

3. Complementarity

Ideally, the relationship between the company and the sales recruitment agency is a long-term one. For this reason, companies often gravitate towards agencies that complement their own. Complementarity is important in a number of areas; ranging from core values, objectives and culture, to the manner in which the agency treats their employees.

The goal is not solely to look for a sales recruitment agency that has values that are identical to yours. In as much as they may be different, it is important for them to be complementary and not in opposition with one another. For instance, many companies value professionalism and integrity very highly. If such a company were to hire recruitment services from a company that is unethical and prone to cutting corners, they would be at logger-heads right from the beginning. Finding a complementary match therefore enables the agency and the client-company to mutually benefit from one another.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting3 Essential Qualities that Top Companies Look for in Sales Recruitment Agencies