3 Essential Tips to Optimize Facebook for Sales Recruitment

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Even with the increasing popularity of other social media like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, a high percentage of Internet users still spend a considerable amount of time on Facebook. For this reason, it is important for sales recruiters not to neglect this platform even as they delve into other social media.

Here are 3 guidelines that will help you to make the best of your Facebook presence.

1. Set up your Personalized Page

Facebook enables you to set up a professional/brand page that is separate from your personal profile. This gives sales recruiters room to bring all of who they are without necessarily inter-mingling personal and professional aspects. Setting up your Recruiter Page on Facebook incorporates a number of elements. These are:

  1. The name of your Page. This is often also the URL so it is important to have the word ‘recruiter’ in there. It makes it easier for users to find you.
  2. Set a professional picture of you as the profile picture. As much as you may want to put your logo as your profile picture, users like to feel that they are connecting with a real person.
  3. A cover photo that communicates what your brand is all about. This is where your logo will fit in better.
  4. Simple and clear information about who you are and what you do; including a call to action.

2. Set Clear Objectives

In optimizing your social media presence, it is imperative that you set objectives. These provide clarity, which in turn enables you to be consistent with your message. Sample objectives for your recruiter Facebook Page may include:

  • To reach a large audience with tips that will ensure successful job placement and satisfaction.
  • To provide sales recruiters with nuggets that will enable them to do their jobs better

These objectives may be revised and adjusted to suit changes within the industry, or changes in your methods or target market as a recruiter.

3. Content

Your fans on Facebook will be looking for you in order to find useful, actionable content. As with any social media platform, consistency is crucial and you need to update your posts on a regular basis. In order to enable you to post consistently, it often helps to develop numerous posts at one go. You may then save them and post each at your discretion. This reduces the chances of getting blocked when it is time to post something on your recruiter page.
Diversity is also important in optimizing your Facebook Page. While still remaining within your objectives, create posts that range from:

  • Informative tips either for sales candidates or companies looking to hire
  • Promotional offers e.g. a free consult for a prospective candidate
  • Details on available vacancies

Such diversity in your posts ensures that you engage a wide range of audiences who would be attracted to a recruiter’s page. These include:

  • Candidates, both in your industry and in others
  • Fellow recruiters
  • Employed professionals who may not even be actively looking for a new job
  • Companies and corporations seeking information on how to effectively manage the recruitment process

Using these tips to optimize your Facebook Recruiter Page is imperative to promoting your brand, getting your name out there, and getting your message heard.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting3 Essential Tips to Optimize Facebook for Sales Recruitment