3 Keys to Effectively Optimize LinkedIn for Sales Recruitment

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Sales Recruitment Optimize LinkedIn

Sales Recruitment Optimize LinkedIn

With LinkedIn being the most popular medium for recruitment and career networking, there is a lot of competition for the same resources. This means that recruiters are constantly looking for ways in which to stand out. Here are the top three features of a profile that is optimized for sales recruitment:

1. Optimized Individual Profiles among Employees

In many cases when a user performs a search for any recruiting firm on LinkedIn, most of the profiles that come up are those of employees who work within the firm. In as much as the company profile is a source of information about the company therefore, employee profiles also play a part in the user’s perception of your sales recruitment firm and by extension, your professionalism and ability. Some of the aspects which every firm ought to emphasize with regard to employee profiles are:

  • Using a professional picture. The best profile pictures for LinkedIn are those in which the employee is looking into the camera, with an open expression on their face (usually a smile).
  • Clearly outlining their duties and responsibilities in a professional tone, while also keeping it simple enough to understand.

2. Be Consistent

Another way in which to fully optimize the benefits of your LinkedIn profile is to keep it consistent with the pages that your firm has within other social media. This is because when searching for information about you as a sales recruiter, users are also likely to visit all the profiles that you have online.

One way to maintain consistency is by using the same profile picture across all social media. In addition, who you say you are and what you say you do also needs to be consistent. However, it should be noted that it is possible and highly effective to pass the same message in different words. As much as possible therefore, avoid using the copy-paste function where everything is exactly the same everywhere the user goes. This can easily be perceived as laziness. Instead, use your imagination and creativity to keep users interested and engaged in what you are offering in sales recruitment, while keeping the keywords the same throughout.

3. Include sections that demonstrate your Success at Job Placement

As a sales recruiter, your clientele is in two categories. On one hand, you have the sales companies looking for sales professionals; and on the other hand you have sales candidates who are looking for placement. By demonstrating your success at job placement, you are able to communicate to both of these parties that you are highly skilled and successful in meeting their needs. On LinkedIn, you may do this by:

  • Requesting recommendations; both from salespeople who you have successfully placed, and companies for which you have found skilled salespeople.
  • Including testimonials from people and companies that have benefitted from your services.

Your LinkedIn profile is a great opportunity through which to provide insight into the firm’s culture. These include your strengths, best practices, awards that you have received and anything else that you are proud of. Sales companies and candidates will come to you because they have a better feel of who you are, as opposed to perceiving you as a corporate shell.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting3 Keys to Effectively Optimize LinkedIn for Sales Recruitment