Campuses are still relevant to recruiters

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With the number of opportunities to advertise job vacancies online, many recruiters these days forget that visiting university campuses is a great way to meet talented and enthusiastic young graduates (or soon-to-be graduates). While advertising job vacancies online can be very effective, there are a number of advantages to going to campuses and meeting with people directly. You may not have even thought about attracting young graduates, but they can be a real asset to any business. They are likely to be enthusiastic and passionate, and because they will have recently graduated when they begin work and are accustomed to the process of studying, their brains are still very receptive to learning new things. Furthermore, because of their age and relative career inexperience, they will not demand the salary of someone who is qualified to the equivalent degree level, but has been working for a number of years. 

If you are looking to attract a certain type of person (e.g. graduates), then it makes sense to do targeted advertising, in a place where you know it will be seen by the right people. Online, the majority of people viewing your advert may not be suitable for the position, but on a college campus, every person you speak to is a potential employee, so you won’t be wasting your time. You will also be targeting them in terms of location, as you will be advertising to people in the right area. In addition, it figures that graduates know other graduates, and if one sees some recruiters that a friend or family member may be interested in, they may take a leaflet for them and tell them about it.

If you visit a college campus in person, you may well be able to speak to and attract some wonderful young people who had not even considered working in your sector or industry. If they’re job-hunting online, they will search specifically for the sector that they want to go into. But at a careers fair, they may stumble across your business and be inspired by it, even though it was a type of work that they had not previously considered. You can attend careers fairs, or even give an organized talk. At careers fairs, there will be recruiters from a range of different industries, so who knows, you might even be able to do some networking and expand your business contacts while you’re there! Some colleges will also invite recruiters to attend graduation days, and this can be a good time to attract graduates who are still unsure of what they are doing with themselves after college.

Because of the number of students and graduates who attend careers fairs, you can also see your attendance as a method of getting some advertising out there. Take plenty of leaflets and merchandise to hand out, so people can have another look over what you have to offer when they get home. Success in business is all about being visible – so get your company name and logo out and about, and you may well gain some customers as well as staff.

The apples are ripe on the campus trees – rich pickings!

Crawford Thomas RecruitingCampuses are still relevant to recruiters