Decoding what your First Impression is saying to Sales Recruiters

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First impressions are very important in any form of recruitment. Regardless of the type of job you are looking to get, how you are perceived first-hand determines whether or not you will be hired. More than any other career however, a job in sales is all about making a good impression on potential clients. For this reason, it is important for every candidate to make a good impression on Orlando recruiters.

Understanding the Essential Nature of your First Impression

In this regard, it helps to be able to decode the first impression you make on recruiters. Research indicates that you have an average of seven seconds to make a first impression. If your first impression is not good therefore, chances are that you will not get the job. This is true whether the sales recruitment process is being conducted face-to-face, online or over the phone. As such, it helps to be aware of how sales recruiters make their initial judgments when dealing with potential employees.

Sales recruiters mainly base their primary judgment on non-verbal data i.e. your appearance and body language. This makes up for 93% of your first communication to them meaning that only 7% will be based on what you say. During over-the-phone interviews, Orlando recruiters will form conclusions based on the tone of your voice. Here, your words only account for 30%. During sales recruitment therefore, it is not what you say that really counts but rather, how you say it.

Understanding your Recruiter’s Non-verbal Cues

Many sales candidates often find it difficult to understand the first-hand perception that sales recruiters form of them. In most cases however, it is possible to do this by understanding the non-verbal cues that they send out. If they appear to frown, lean away from you or exchange glances with each other; chances are that you are not making a good impression on them. However, if the recruiters are smiling, leaning towards you and asking questions related to the job then you are a winner.

How to Make a Good First Impression on Sales Recruiters

When going for a sales recruiting interview, make sure that you pay special attention to grooming. Even for a video conference interview, ensure that you look prepared; look as though you are already working at the position you are looking to get. Your clothes should be well pressed and your hair neat. Further, men should ensure that facial hair is either non-existent or well-maintained while women should wear little or no make-up.

It is also important to make sure that your shoes are well maintained and clean. Poorly maintained shoes indicate that you do not pay attention to details. Additionally, wear light perfume or cologne as well as minimal jewelry.

The bottom line is that you do not want to overwhelm the recruiters. Remember that you will be involved in selling which involves meeting thousands of people during the course of your career. Few people will want to buy from someone who is unkempt and overwhelms them.

Finally, when greeting the Orlando recruiter, make sure that it is a firm and gentle handshake. Avoid giving four-handed handshakes. If your palms tend to get wet when you’re nervous, carry a handkerchief and wipe your hand before greeting recruiters. Overall, make the greeting short and simple.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingDecoding what your First Impression is saying to Sales Recruiters