Demystifying the Recruitment of Business Process Improvement Managers

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Business Process Improvement is a term used to describe the methodical approach taken by companies, in order to fully optimize their business processes and increase efficiency. When recruiting a Business Process Improvement Manager on behalf of any company, it is important for the recruiter to understand what role the professional will be playing, as well as a clear grasp on their roles and responsibilities.

An effective process improvement professional is responsible for identifying business processes that would integrate seamlessly within the company’s structure and objectives. In addition, this professional is tasked with analyzing both new and effective processes, as well as setting up strategies to improve the business processes that already exist within the company.

Business processes encompass the entire collection of activities and tasks that are specifically structured with the aim of producing either a product or a service. The process must be aimed at a specific goal, and for any company, this goal should ultimately be customer-focused.

What Recruiters are Looking for in a Business Process Improvement Manager

1. The Ability to Multi-task Effectively

In order for the business processes to be as efficient as they need to be, the Business Process Manager has to consistently work on multiple functions simultaneously. If this manager drops the ball on even one business function, the process is no longer streamlined; delaying delivery of the company’s product or service to their market.

A candidate who is effective at multi-tasking is usually very organized. This is with regard to their:

  • Time management
  • Physical appearance
  • The order in which their papers are in
  • Clear and concise responses to questions asked

All these traits indicate that the individual’s mind is clear, uncluttered and able to effectively handle multiple functions.

3. Autonomy and Accountability

For the position of Business Improvement Processes Manager, recruiters look for a candidate who is able to work autonomously. The individual should be responsible for themselves, their team and the results that the company expects from them.

Additionally, the Business Process Improvement Manager is required to be highly accountable to the leaders within the company. This will often require the professional to write and send reports regarding the business processes being implemented by the company, and the results of this implementation; both current and expected.

Recruiters look for candidates who are able to communicate their ideas effectively through both written and verbal communication. Besides this, the candidate also needs to be able to communicate cordially, clearly and concisely over the phone. Candidates who hem and haw their way around any issue are red flags to recruiters.

3. Strategy-Formulation Skills

It is impossible to improve the business processes within a company without the manager first having a clear picture of the company’s goals, as well as a clear map of how to get them there. Candidates who grab the recruiter’s attention are those who come into the meeting armed with information about the company that the recruiter is representing, as well as a presentation on some strategies that they would potentially implement in order to increase efficiency and delivery to their clients.

The ideal candidate for a Business Process Improvement Manager position is one who is able to come up with a strategy, communicate it effectively and consequently implement it within the company; with measurable, desired results.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingDemystifying the Recruitment of Business Process Improvement Managers