Did you just interupt me?

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Don’t Answer Before You’ve Been Asked

You want to make a good impression on an interviewer. You want to seem knowledgeable, confident and engaged. So when the interviewer starts to ask you a question, you jump on it, right?


First, it’s rude to interrupt.

Second, you may incorrectly assume that you know what the interviewer was going to ask and answer the wrong question.

Third, you won’t have time to think about your answer before you start speaking, which can lead to lots of mid-sentence “ummms” to stall for time.

When an interviewer asks a question, it’s tempting to answer quickly, especially if you’re nervous. Don’t. Instead, wait for her to finish speaking, then take a deep breath and collect your thoughts. Then answer the question.

You’ll appear calm, confident and polite. And, after taking a moment to think, you’ll probably give a much better answer too.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingDid you just interupt me?