Factors that contribute to the Success of Sales Recruiters

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As with every profession, there are successful sales recruiters, and others who are not as successful. To a large extent, sales recruiters represent brands. This is proven by the fact that certain recruiters and/ or recruitment firms are well known for their exceptional work in providing companies with ideal sales candidates. Consequently, they are also well-known and liked among sales candidates; because they are trusted to facilitate placement in the top-tier of companies. The success of a sales recruiter therefore ties into how successful they are in promoting and growing their brand. Successful sales recruiters:

1.Recognize recruitment as a two-way process

The sales recruitment process is not just about the candidate selling themselves to the recruitment team but rather, a process during which both parties explore the possibility of working together. In as much as the recruiter is scrutinizing the sales candidate during the process, the candidate is also studying the recruiter to see whether they are a good fit for them.

Rather than see themselves as doing the sales candidate a favor, successful recruiters recognize the fact that sales candidates and companies have numerous options available to them, and can therefore choose any vehicle to provide placement solutions. With this in mind, they are able to be engaging, as opposed to aloof.

2. Are constantly evolving

For a sales recruiter to be successful, they need to constantly evolve based on the trends within the industry. In fact, with the advent of social media, evolving does not just give one an edge, it is a necessity! While it is true that there are recruitment techniques that have been tried and proven over the years, successful sales recruiters have a knack for throwing a wrench into the works with the aim of bringing out the person behind the firm handshake and well-polished responses. An example of a question that in past years has been very helpful during the recruitment process is:

What is your most notable weakness?

However, over the years, sales candidates have become so accustomed to it that the only response that one can expect is a rehearsed and often untrue one, which may not provide any insight whatsoever.

3. Promote the Company Brand throughout the Process

In as much as sales recruiters are a brand unto themselves, they are also an extension of the companies that they recruit for. These companies play a major role in keeping sales recruiters in business. Effective recruiters recognize the fact that they represent the business and that anything they say or do to/with candidates, is construed as having come directly from the company.

As representatives of the organization and its brand, effective recruiters therefore project an image of confidence, openness and courtesy; even when informing candidates that they shall not be assimilated into the company. Every successful recruiter recognizes the fact that sales candidates do not exist in a vacuum, and that antagonizing candidates has consequences that may damage the company’s image in the long term. In fact, some recruiters are so skilled in saying ‘no’ to sales candidates without antagonizing them, that some individuals who walk in as candidates actually walk out as clients! These are the recruiters that businesses consistently call on to recruit for them, because they are able to effectively represent and promote the company’s brand.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingFactors that contribute to the Success of Sales Recruiters