5 Effective Skills Among Sales Recruiters

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Sales recruiting is less about human resource and more about sales. In essence, an effective recruiter possesses qualities that are very similar to those of a high ranked salesperson. The difference is that instead of selling a product or service, the sales recruiter sells the organization that they are representing, as well as the career opportunities that are available. In the same way that successful selling hinges on the professional’s ability to present the product in the best light possible, success in recruitment is dependent upon the sales recruiter’s ability to present sales positions and candidates in the best light possible.


1. Networking Skills

Networking plays a very significant role in the success of sales recruiters in the industry. This is because it is through these networks that they are able to on one hand, identify the needs of different companies, and on the other hand, get to know the high-profile candidates who would be ideal for these positions. Sales recruitment thrives on information and through effective networking; these recruiters have ready access to it. Since successful recruitment has a lot to do with relationships and trust, well-developed networking skills make it easy to develop and establish relationships both with sales candidates and with companies too.

2. Sourcing Skills

In essence, a sales recruiter is a solution provider. Companies rely on them to source for effective salespeople on their behalf, while sales candidates rely on them to source for a good sales position that fits. How well-honed a recruiter’s sourcing skills are, determines how often they are called back for repeat business on behalf of the company. The sales recruiter is a matchmaker and the sourcing process is in essence, looking for the ideal candidate profiles to present to the company.

3. Communication Skills

Among recruiters, communication is not merely about knowing what to say. It also incorporates elements such as knowing when to say it, in addition to knowing when to remain silent. Listening is also a major aspect of communication. Among sales recruiters, active listening is where the recruiter effectively engages sales candidates and prompts them to speak freely and be comfortable. When demonstrated by sales recruiters, exceptional communication skills enable the candidate to shed their masks and bring forth their true selves; the ‘self’ that is going to be showing up at work every day

4. Innovation

What makes you stand out from other recruiters? Why would a client pick up a call from you and not from another recruiter? This is where innovation comes in. Effective sales recruiters are bold and they are not afraid to incorporate novel ideas into their models. Through innovation, sales recruiters are not only able to come up with new ideas, but they are also able to use older ideas in new ways.

5. Follow-up Skills

In every relationship, follow-up is essential. When sales recruiters fail to follow up with their clients or candidates, it often seems as though they do not value the relationship and that they only view the candidate or business as a means to a paycheck. Follow-up is often done in simple and every-day ways like making phone calls and sending emails.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting5 Effective Skills Among Sales Recruiters