Gone Today, Hired Tomorrow

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Losing your job can create uncertainty about the future due to the dismal scenario in the current job market. Looking for a new job, or starting a new career, might seem like a daunting prospect because of the fear of failure to find another job. Often, it might seem like a good idea for a job seeker to go straight to employers to find a job as quickly as possible; however, this strategy does not always offer the same speedy results as working with headhunters or recruiters. Basically, a recruiting agency serves as a middleman between you, the job seeker, and the employer. There are many benefits to aligning with a recruiting agency for your job search.
Perhaps, the most important advantage of using a recruiting agency to find a job is the opportunity to tap into their wealth of industry contacts. As a job seeker, you’ve probably applied to a limited number of companies in your quest to find that perfect job. Recruiting agencies have the advantage of applying to hundreds or thousands of companies on the behalf of job seekers from a wide variety of career fields, experiences and backgrounds. This high volume of contact with employers means that they have connections and relationships with numerous employers that you do not have. When you use a recruiting service, they will ensure that they utilize every contact they have to help you get the best job possible.
It’s Free
As a job seeker, concerns over the dwindling, or nonexistent state of your finances might cause you to doubt the wisdom of using the services of a recruiting agency. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about this since the recruiting agency will not charge you any fee for their services. They typically get a percentage of your first year’s annual salary from the employer, or other contingency fees for filling open spots — a further incentive for them to get you a job with decent wages.
Higher Pay
Another important advantage of working with a recruiting agency to get a job is the fact that they can often negotiate higher pay on your behalf than you could manage on your own. Part of this is due to their experience in such negotiations, including a working knowledge of the strategies and tricks of the trade. As an individual, you might be fearful of asking for a higher pay, even when you know you deserve it, for fear of losing the job offer.
Resume and Interview skills
Recruiters can help you polish your resume, even if it requires a total overhaul of the previous resume you submitted to them. Most job applicants need to brush up on their interview skills and the recruiting agency will coach applicants on potential interview questions, and how to answer them. They know that it is in their best interest for you to get a job, meaning that they will make sure you present yourself in the best possible light to employers. You can complement your efforts to find a job with the services of a recruiting agency.

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