Guidelines for Sales Recruiters to Recognize an Out-of-balance Salesperson

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The most consistent quality that sales recruiters look for during the search for effective salespeople is balance. This is true for Houston recruiters, and the information is valuable for sales candidates seeking positions with great companies within this state. Balance reflects equilibrium in every aspect of the candidate’s life; which is important because it demonstrates that the sales candidate has the skills necessary to make any necessary adjustments whenever circumstances get out of equilibrium in any aspect of his/ her life.

In addition, a balanced salesperson is in a better position to be content and settled at their sales position. A salesperson who is out-of-balance may sound like the ideal candidate for sales because they are able to focus all their attention on the job. However, these candidates often burn hard and fast; which means that even though they are likely to bring in great results at a very fast rate initially, they are also likely to crash and burn out equally fast. For Houston recruiters looking for salespeople to be productive in the long term therefore, balanced salespeople are more appealing.

Elements that Reflect Balance in Sales Candidates

1. Attitude

In determining how well-balanced a candidate is, sales recruiters seek to determine the candidate’s attitude not just towards their job, but towards life in general. It is not enough to find out whether the candidate has a positive attitude towards selling. This is because he/ she may view selling positively, while simultaneously detesting every other aspect of his/ her life. Whenever this is the case, that negative attitude in other aspects is likely to eventually find its way into their work; consequently compromising their productivity.

2. Demeanor

It is possible for a sales candidate to have all the right papers and qualifications, but at the same time, constantly seem very distracted and preoccupied. Balance enables salespeople to be effective because it brings out a more easy-going individual who is relaxed and present in the moment. It is only when the salesperson is present, that he/ she is able to effectively engage their clients and demonstrate to them that they value them and their time.

3. Perception

Our perception generally comes out in the things that we say and how we say them. For instance, an out-of-balance salesperson is likely to use words and phrases that position him/ her as a victim of circumstances. Houston recruiters may get a feel of candidates in this regard by asking questions that pertain to their employment history e.g.

  • Describe a situation in which you did not reach your sales quota in your most recent sales position. Why do you think you did not reach your goal?

For sales recruiters, when a salesperson sees him/ herself as a victim and perceives life as happening to him instead of him/ her actively living it, that candidate is also unlikely to take responsibility for his/ her own actions. This in turn means that they are equally unlikely to have any desire to improve or change anything, because it is somebody else’s fault anyway!

The ‘balanced salesperson’ may have seemed like a paradox in the past, but no more. Now, sales companies not only seek-out balanced individuals, they actually encourage and help to cultivate it. For instance, some companies offer family and other vacation packages as a sales incentive, over and above the salesperson’s salary and commission.


Crawford Thomas RecruitingGuidelines for Sales Recruiters to Recognize an Out-of-balance Salesperson