How Sales Recruiters Can Improve Social Recruiting By Optimizing Google Plus

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Google+ Plus Social Recruitong

Google Plus is a revolutionary platform on which corporations and individuals are able to build social networks and profiles, in addition to sharing information effectively. With the building and maintaining of relationships continually being shown to boost the success of business, sales companies are increasingly using Google Plus to share content, remain in touch with their clients and other businesses, in addition to sourcing for sales candidates through recruiters and headhunters.

Among sales recruiters, social recruiting has proven to be one of the most effective and convenient means through which to get top-tier candidates for sales positions. This is where recruiters use social networks to source for candidates, with Google Plus fast becoming one of the most popular mediums for this. The reason for its popularity is that it is integrated within numerous services like Mail, Docs and Search; thereby enabling recruiting firms-as well as sales candidates-to incorporate their overall online identity within a single platform. Here are the top three ways through which sales recruiters optimize Google Plus.

1. Plus Profile

As a recruiter, it is important that your Google Plus cover photo be personalized and eye-catching, with a clear call-to-action. This helps to immediately communicate the services that you are providing, which in turn makes it easier for you to be found by corporate clients and potential sales candidates alike.

Besides this, Google Plus makes it possible for you as the recruiter to link back to your website and/or blog. This helps your followers to get more information about you and how you can help them. It is best to include this (and other possible) links in the ‘About’ section of your profile.

2. Google Plus Circles

The ‘Circles’ feature is unique to Google Plus and recruiters can use it to efficiently organize their followers into groups, based on the relationship that they have with them. For instance, sales candidates and sales professionals could be in one circle, businesses and corporate clients in another, with friends and family being placed in yet another circle. This feature therefore makes it possible for the recruiter to share information with highly specific groups, as opposed to, for instance, sharing information about available positions with all followers, including clients and family.

3. Google Plus Hangouts

On Google Plus, ‘Hangouts’ is software that facilitates video chat and communication among as many as ten users. This feature makes information-sharing easier and more effective for recruiters. For instance, you may hold a session with sales candidates; sharing information about your expectations for certain positions, answering questions and providing qualifications. In fact, recruiters are increasingly using the Hangouts as an initial ‘sit-down’ with candidates and consequently, as one of the first steps in the vetting process for various sales positions.

In order for the recruiter to fully optimize Google Plus for sales recruitment, it is important to spread the word about your G+ presence, which consequently enables more users to follow you. You may do this through your website and/or blog, as well as your Facebook and Twitter business pages.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingHow Sales Recruiters Can Improve Social Recruiting By Optimizing Google Plus