The Importance of Product and Competition Knowledge during Sales Recruitment

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The success of the recruitment process hinges on the information each of the parties has, and how well they are able to communicate it. Some of this information includes:

  • The candidate’s qualifications and expertise.
  • The sales recruiter’s ability to connect the candidate with the company that is ideal for them.
  • Details on the company that the recruiter is representing.

Another area in which it is essential for the sales candidate to demonstrate information is in product and competition knowledge.

Demystifying Product Knowledge

Product knowledge is an in-depth understanding not only of the company looking to hire, but also of the product(s) that they sell. It therefore encompasses knowledge of:

  • All the ways that the product can be used
  • Strengths and limitations
  • Functions
  • Price
  • How it works
  • Maintenance requirements where applicable.

In fact, Dallas headhunters argue that demonstrating comprehensive product knowledge goes a long way in favorably tipping the scales for the candidate, even when there are candidates who appear on paper, to be better qualified.

Benefits of Product Knowledge

This information is highly valued by sales recruitment professionals because, it is only when the salesperson knows their product in and out that they are able to accurately pitch and sell it to potential clients. Additionally, it puts the salesperson in a position to comprehensively answer any questions that potential clients may have, thereby increasing the chances that they shall convert their leads to sales.

Nevertheless, salespeople need to exercise caution when talking with potential clients about their product. They ought to be careful not to focus so much on the product that they fail to address the needs of the client. An effective way of doing this is by describing the features of the product while directly relating it to how the client can use it in their own lives. This way, the focus is not on how great the product is but rather, on how it is ideal for meeting a specific need that the client is experiencing.

Understanding Competition Knowledge

Competition knowledge is where the candidate demonstrates an understanding of other companies that offer the same or similar products as the company looking to hire. This enables the salesperson to persuasively pitch the product to clients while contrasting it with those offered by the competition. However, this is not the same as putting other products down. Clients may view that as a cheap shot and it often turns them off.

Instead, the salesperson ideally seeks to contrast the two products from an objective point of view. For instance, while a competitor’s product may be sold at a lower price, it may also be of lower quality. Such information falls under competition knowledge and it enables the salesperson to represent their product with confidence. It also makes it possible for the salesperson to clearly communicate the edge that their product has others in the market.

Demonstrating product and competition knowledge is an effective strategy in overcoming any objections raised by potential clients. Additionally, it inevitably raises the opinion of Dallas headhunters during the recruitment process. Comprehensive product and competition knowledge help to boost the candidate’s confidence; as a result of which he/she portrays a lot of enthusiasm when engaging with sales recruiters.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingThe Importance of Product and Competition Knowledge during Sales Recruitment