Qualities that Recruiters Look for when Hiring Financial Analysts

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The role of a financial analyst is to consistently perform comprehensive evaluation of businesses, budgets and projects; in addition to other finance-related units. They do this either internally or for external clients, with the aim of determining how suitable they are for investment. Their role in the company is crucial in not only enabling the company to remain financially robust and stable, but also ensuring that the company grows, both in cash flow and investments. When seeking out a financial analyst, recruiters and Chicago headhunters look at a number of qualities and qualifications. Here are the top three:

1. Excellent Analytical Skills

When recruiters are looking to hire a new candidate, analytical skills are one of the most essential qualities. It is these skills that enable them to think logically and evaluate a wide range of information such as the company’s income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet.
During the interview process, the candidate may provide examples that demonstrate how their analytical skills have made a difference in past deals and projects on which he/she has worked in the past. Even if the recruiter does not directly ask for this information, it is a good idea to bring it up.

2. Inherent Problem Solving Skills

The most successful financial analysts are those who see opportunities in areas in which many other people would not. There are some cases in which members of other departments within the company may see a problem, but the ideal candidate for a financial analysts’ position is one who can look at a “problem” and see an opportunity.
In the course of their job for instance, the analyst will be required to value investments that their company is looking to make. Their job is to conduct an analysis, calculate the risk and determine whether it is in the best interest of their company to make the investment. During the recruitment process, the recruiter or Chicago headhunter can gauge how skilled the candidate is at problem solving, by posing a scenario that will require him/her to assess risk versus potential gain to the company. This strategy also helps to determine how good the candidate is at thinking on their feet and making wise decisions regardless of pressure.

3. A Professional Attitude and Demeanor

Financial analysts need to inspire trust in their team members, the company they are representing, as well as other companies and professionals that they are likely to deal with in the course of their work. Even in companies where the culture is relatively casual, it is important for the financial analyst to be professional at all times. This quality has to be consistent regardless of what they are wearing. Professionalism is not limited to one’s choice of clothes. It extends to areas such as the individual’s choice of words, their tone of voice, the manner in which they address their colleagues, clients and supervisors, and so on. The skilled recruiter is able to distinguish between a candidate who possesses the ability to be consistently professional, and one who does not.
As a professional in the finance industry, the candidate needs to demonstrate that they are consistent. Finance is one area in which unpredictability is not highly regarded. The recruiter or Chicago headhunter needs to see these qualities in the candidate; even in actions such as punctuality to meetings, showing up with all the material required by the in order to make an informed decision, being warm and friendly without being overly familiar, et cetera. Once the recruiter feels that they can trust the candidate, they are then confident when recommending them to the company as a professional who can be trusted with the company’s financial future.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingQualities that Recruiters Look for when Hiring Financial Analysts