Red Flags during the Process of Sales Recruitment

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In Orlando as with all states, sales recruitment is about both parties getting what they are looking for. On one hand, the sales company is looking for exceptional salespeople and on the other hand, sales candidates are looking for a business and product that they can sell effectively while putting their skills to good use. However, throughout the recruitment process, red flags may pop up that would potentially alert the candidate that the sales company is not a good fit for them, or alert the Orlando recruiters that the candidate is not a good fit for the company that they are representing. These red flags include:

1. Lack of Preparation

During the recruiting process, sales recruiters ask questions to determine how much the candidate knows about the company, their products and services, the position they are interviewing for and the duties that they shall be expected to perform. Information is important because salespeople are only effective when they know what they are doing. The salesperson’s belief in the company that he/she is representing has a direct effect on their ability to communicate their value to clients, which consequently affects their sales. Generally, lack of information communicates a lack of interest. In fact, the most conspicuous red flag in this area is if the candidate asks, “What qualifications are you looking for this position?”


2. Lack of Specificity

Generic statements and vague answers to questions are a major red flag in sales recruitment. When speaking about achievements for example, the candidate ought to give accurate figures that are verifiable. Otherwise, the recruiter may think that the achievements are made up; and nobody wants to hire a dishonest salesperson. The candidate loses credibility if he/ she is not able to produce numbers either in a dollar amount, number of people, number/ pieces of the product, and so on.

3. Multiple Lay-offs

Even in an economic climate that may be prompting companies to lay off their employees at a high rate, sales candidates who have been laid off time and time again are bound to raise a red flag among Orlando recruiters. This is especially so if the layoffs have not been addressed in the cover letter. Whenever a candidate is aware of any red flags that are clearly seen from a look at their resume, it is important to address the same in the cover letter. When doing this either in the cover letter or in person during the interview, be straightforward because these recruiters can spot tall tales a mile away.

Among sales candidates, the red flags that may go up for them with regard to the sales position include;

  1. Is the product consumable? In as much as the bulk of the individual’s success in sales depends on the salesperson, it is also important among candidates for the product to be usable. During the recruitment process, the sales candidate is asking him/ herself, “Are people going to re-order this product month after month?”
  2. The company’s reputation is also a major consideration when sales candidates are evaluating the sales position’s appeal. This is true both for both the recruiting and sales companies. If either of the companies have a poor reputation, the sales candidate is unlikely to desire the position.
Crawford Thomas RecruitingRed Flags during the Process of Sales Recruitment