The Role of Personal Branding in Sales Recruitment

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The Role of Personal Branding in Sales Recruitment

Personal branding is one of the most important tools in a salesperson’s arsenal. It describes the process by which the sales professional creates and develops an identity around their name and professional reputation. For salespeople therefore, developing one’s brand is a highly effective means of communicating their qualifications, skills, expertise and values. With personal branding, the main goal is for the sales candidate to grow their reputation; which consequently enables them to grow their network more efficiently. Besides this, the manner in which the salesperson develops their personal brand is what determines how effectively they capture the interest of sales recruiters and headhunters.

One of the key elements while growing one’s personal brand is to know who you are as a salesperson, in addition to being clear on what you bring to the table. Another benefit of personal branding in sales is that it a good personal brand builds the employer’s brand as well. Here are some of the aspects you need to understand when building your brand.

1. Consumer Buying Habits

Consumers, both individual and corporate, buy off of people as opposed to buying a product or service. For example, a salesperson may be selling the best product of its kind in the market but if the prospective client does not like you, they are unlikely to buy. By contrast, a consumer is likely to buy an inferior product or service because they like the salesperson or because they recognize the brand.

Personal branding for salespeople is therefore a means of getting ahead of the curve by getting your name out there and being recognized even before people meet you. It is highly beneficial in that even as you meet recruiters and headhunters, they already know who you are and what you have to offer.

2. The Emotional Connection

The emotional connection is one of the most important elements when making a sale, yet many salespeople do not know how to leverage it for their success. This is true both when reaching out to prospective clients, as well as when looking to get recruited by a new firm. The way the emotional connection works is that as the salesperson, you want the prospective client or sales recruiter to almost instantly identify with who you are and say to themselves, “I want some of that.” Once you have connected with the sales recruiter, it now comes down to demonstrating to them that you are not all fizzle and no substance.

Other benefits of a well-developed personal band include:

  • It acts as a confirmation for your credibility
  • It helps to create loyalty among clients
  • Clearly delivers your message i.e. who you are, what you do and who you do it for.
  • Acts as motivation for the buyer/ recruiter

How to Develop your Personal Brand

  1. Write about industry-related topics
  2. Keep your profiles detailed and updated on social media.
  3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile and presence. This includes joining relevant professional groups and participating in industry-related discussions.

These strategies help to not only get your name out there in the right circles and networks but also, to establish you as an industry specialist, a thought leader and an established professional in sales.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingThe Role of Personal Branding in Sales Recruitment