How Sales Recruiters Deal with Candidates who have been laid off from Previous Positions

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During the process of sales recruitment, one of the questions that candidates battle with is the decision of whether or not to tell the recruiter that he/she was laid off from a previous position. On one hand, most candidates feel as though this information would immediately blacklist them from the recruiter’s choice of viable salespeople for the position. For this reason, candidates are likely to tell a lie in order to cover up the apparent gap in their employment history.

While it is true that sales recruiters and Atlanta headhunters are likely to give more scrutiny to candidates who have previously been laid off from sales positions, this factor is not necessarily a deal-breaker. Professionals in the recruitment industry understand that there are many reasons for which a salesperson may be laid off; and that being let go is not necessarily a reflection of the individual’s skills, expertise or values.

Guidelines for Sales Candidates who may have been previously laid off

In recent years, the primary cause for salespeople getting laid off has been because of the difficult economic times. Some companies have had to cut back on costs and this has resulted in having to let some of their employees go. In many cases it is not about the individual but merely about numbers. While the actual fact that the candidate was laid off is not in itself a deal-breaker, the manner in which he/she explains the reason for it, may be. Atlanta headhunters and recruiters want the sales candidate to be honest and straightforward. Usually, the challenge for the candidate is to be completely straightforward on one hand, while still portraying themselves in the best possible light on the other.

As a general guideline to sales candidates in this position, it is important to simply give the facts and leave it at that. For instance, an entire division may have been eliminated from the company; the company may have a policy where the people who were hired last get fired first and so on. Whatever the reason for being laid off, state it clearly; neither making excuses nor portraying yourself as the victim.

What comes after a Sales Professional has been laid off?

When considering laid-off candidates for placement in sales, recruiters also pay close attention to what the individual has been doing since they were laid off. This is not aimed at finding out whether the candidate has been proactive in seeking a new position. On the contrary, Atlanta headhunters and recruiters are keen to find out whether and how the candidate has been keeping their skills sharp and current.

The sales industry is one that is constantly evolving. For this reason, if a sales professional stays out of practice for too long, their skills are likely to become somewhat obsolete as they are no longer in demand. It is therefore important for salespeople who have been laid off to keep in touch with emerging trends, strategies, technology and software that are being used in the sales industry. Some effective ways to keep up include: joining professional groups and organizations that are relevant in the sales industry, attending workshops and so on.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingHow Sales Recruiters Deal with Candidates who have been laid off from Previous Positions