How to set yourself apart from other Sales Recruiters and Woo your Ideal Candidate

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There are different categories of sales candidates. At the very top of the hierarchy of candidates, is your ideal candidate. The word ideal is used to describe that which satisfies your conception of what is most suitable.

Ideally, your new sales hire should not only be able to keep up with the sales momentum at the company, but also, to leverage his strengths and the skills that he/she possesses to boost and enhance it. Aim for superior talent as opposed to good talent. Here is how:

1. Build the Profile for your Ideal Client

For sales recruiters, the qualities of your most suitable candidate vary; depending on the needs of the company that you are representing. As such, the first step is to compile a list of all the qualities that the ideal client should possess, for that particular position. Most recruiters are likely to shy away from specifically targeting their ideal client. They may do this in order to avoid locking anybody out.

However, the benefit of building an ideal-client profile is that to a large extent, you avoid the influx of applications from sales candidates who are not going to be at the top of the list for the position. With this profile, your ideal candidate will self-identify and reach out to you.

2. Communicate Clearly

For all sales professionals, time is literally money. It is therefore important to communicate that you value their time and are not going to abuse it. Keep all communication clear and concise. During your communication, some of the aspects that you need to state include:

  • The objectives and core values of the company that is looking to hire them
  • The mission and vision of the company
  • The expectations that the position comes with

Be professional in your correspondence but at the same time, be sure to also let them know that you would be excited to recruit them on behalf of the company. People are more likely to respond to and engage with you when they feel that you are genuinely pleased to be speaking with them.

Additionally, it helps to have a clear and structured hiring process, as well as communicating to your ideal client, what that process is. This demonstrated that you are prepared and professional; in addition to letting your candidates know what to expect every step of the way.

3. Identify that which motivates them

Your ideal candidate works best when he/she is properly motivated. As such, they are also likely to choose the position in which they feel that their individuality and motivations are taken into account. A simple way to find out how to effectively pitch your client’s company is by asking the candidate:

  • What are you passionate about?

Give them room to speak freely even about things that may not immediately seem relevant. Then use the information you gather to develop an incentive package that is specific to that candidate.

For instance, if a candidate is so passionate about his/her children that they take time to talk about them and show you pictures, a great way to stand out from other sales recruiters would be to mention that your client offers family vacations to salespeople who hit certain targets. This way, the candidate feels that you are listening to them, and that the company you are representing is likely to be a great fit for them.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingHow to set yourself apart from other Sales Recruiters and Woo your Ideal Candidate