Some Surprising Facts About Recruitment

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It does not take too many interviews with managers and modern companies before you realize that the recruiting world has a lot of consistencies. For some reason, the way that companies recruit outsiders has hardly changed at all, even with the popularity and use of the Internet.

Fact 1: A short glance is all you get
On average, the time spent looking at a CV is five to seven seconds. Most CVs will get a glance or two before the manager sees something that puts him or her off. Many times, there are so many CVs that a manager will decide to interview the first two decent candidates, and will ignore the rest. They will only be seen briefly while the recruiter opens an email or envelope.

Fact 2: Your email address matters
Some surveys say that up to 78% of applications will be ignored if the email address is unprofessional. However, it does not take into account the many application programs that do not show the HR staff the applicant’s email address.

Fact 3: The cost of replacing staff is phenomenal
Take a position and consider its salary for a full year. Even on minimum wage, it can still be a fair amount. Did you know that replacing someone within a position would cost between 50% to 175% of their yearly wage? Many people do not realize the long-term cost. When a position becomes vacant you may need to pay existing or temporary staff to cover the position at overtime or premium rates. They cannot do it as productively as the previous staff member can, so additional money is lost through decreased productivity.

There is also little chance that you will find adequate temporary staff and will probably have to pull another employee from his or her original job, which lowers productivity too. Finding and training an employee costs money as well. While new staff members are being trained, they are not generating enough money to cover their own upkeep, and during training, you are essentially paying two people to do one job.

Fact 4: Recruiting in the Restroom
The company Ikea launched a recruiting campaign in the year 2000, and managed to gain thousands of applications whilst barely spending any money. They put their ads on the walls of their store restrooms.

Fact 5: One of the easiest jobs to get in the U.S.
An IMAX screen cleaner job has little or no competition. Even though it takes very specific training to get it correct, it is currently one of the least applied for jobs. The rate of application (percentage) is actually higher for jobs in morgues and water treatment facilities.

Fact 6: When people just don’t know what’s expected
Over 80% of the applicants for the job title of “Dog Food Tester” do not actually know what the work entails. Those who do understand the job requirements are employees who have had prior experience.

Fact 7: Being paid to be honest
Security recruitment in casinos is always a long and arduous task, and many people are surprised by the amount of paperwork they have to sign, and the high wages they’ll receive, for a task as innocent as dice checking.


Crawford Thomas RecruitingSome Surprising Facts About Recruitment