How to Stand Out to Sales Recruiters Even When Not Actively Looking

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Sales Recruiters Stand Out

Sales Recruiters Stand Out

Sales recruiters are in the business of finding highly skilled and effective professionals to join various companies and organizations. This is a crucial responsibility and they therefore have the skills and resources necessary to not only find active job seekers but also, to find top-notch salespeople even when they are not actively looking for new positions. This type of sales candidate is commonly known as the passive candidate.

A high percentage of potential candidates are passive and they usually already have a proven track record in sales. On one hand, these candidates are often quite comfortable and fulfilled at their current positions while on the other, Atlanta recruiters recognize that the candidates also have a keen eye for great career opportunities.

As a sales candidate who is comfortable but potentially open to a new opportunity if the right one comes along, here is how to get found by the right recruiter:

Get the Word Out

A proven track record is not going to work for you unless the right people know about it. With social recruiting increasingly on the rise, it is essential to keep your profile updated on Facebook and Twitter. More importantly, your professional profiles on LinkedIn and Google Plus need to be up-to-date and extremely detailed.

When detailing your professional achievements, keep it simple and easy to understand. This includes avoiding industry-specific jargon as much as possible. Additionally, make it easy to scan your profile at a glance because the sales recruiter is potentially going to be going through hundreds of profiles. Bulleted lists are highly effective for this.

Know What You Want

Even as a passive candidate, it is important to be able to recognize a great opportunity when it is presented to you. This is only possible if you know what you want; which comes from understanding where you are and where you would like to go. This way, when the Atlanta recruiter approaches you with a good opportunity that does not necessarily feel like an exact fit for your needs and the direction that you want your career to take, you are able to turn down the offer while maintaining the relationship. When you know what you want, you can make sound decisions based on reasons that you are able to articulate clearly.

Knowing what you want also constitutes knowledge of what you do not want. These can consequently be put forward to the sales recruiter either as concerns, negotiation points or outright deal breakers.

Keep a regularly-updated Blog

An effective blog is one of the most effective social media in establishing yourself as an authority in the sales industry.  This is because:

  • It is a unique way through which to get found by Atlanta recruiters.
  • It creates an avenue through which you can go into detail about your achievements; consequently showing you off.
  • Regularly posting informative, relevant and thought-provoking articles is a great way through which to establish yourself as a thought leader in the sales profession.
Crawford Thomas RecruitingHow to Stand Out to Sales Recruiters Even When Not Actively Looking