How to Successfully Woo Sales Candidates over the Phone

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Sales recruiters often contact potential candidates over the phone to either schedule or conduct interviews. These phone interviews present an effective mode of weeding out the unqualified. Nevertheless, a recruiter or headhunter without a proper plan of action can sabotage their own efforts to recruit the best candidates.

The sales industry thrives on the individual’s ability to make a good first impression on his/her recruiters as well as to potential clients. For this reason, it is also important for recruiters and Orlando headhunters to take into account the impression that they make on candidates. In order to successfully contact and woo sales candidates over the phone, here are 5 essential keys:

1. Schedule the Call with the Candidate

Some sales recruiters and headhunters ambush candidates with phone interviews and expect them to be prepared. While this may be the norm, it may also result in a failure to hire the best candidate for the position. It is therefore best to schedule and confirm the time of any phone interviews with potential candidates. Do this a day or two before the interview to ensure that the candidate will be available as scheduled. Also let them know how long the interview will take. This not only puts the sales candidate in a more favorable state of mind, but it also depicts you as professional and meticulous.

2. Create a List of Potential Deal-Breakers

Before Orlando headhunters contact sales candidates, they always ensure that they have a list of what will qualify or disqualify a potential candidate. This is because the main purpose of the phone call is to weed out unqualified candidates and shortlist those possessing the skills and qualifications required. As a general rule of thumb, start by asking candidates questions that they will find easy to answer and then progress towards more complex discussion topics.

Besides this, it is also imperative that you ask basic questions to find out information such as:

  • The reason why the candidate is interested in that particular job
  • The task within sales in which the candidate is most proficient

This enables headhunters to get a better feel; not only of the candidate’s skills, but of their motivations as well.

3. Provide a Brief but Detailed Introduction

When contacting a potential sales employee for a phone interview, make sure you provide them with a brief introduction of the company and the position that you are representing. This is necessary for a number of reasons. To begin with, laying out facts is a great way to take charge of the interview. Additionally, it adds to your credibility as a recruiter and eliminates possible suspicions about a prank call.

As a general guide, begin by concisely introducing yourself and the company that you are representing. Additionally, tell the candidate your reason for calling. Communicate in a warm and conversational manner as this helps to immediately build rapport with candidates. Additionally, ensure that you provide the candidate with a brief description of what is expected of them. This ensures that they do not feel blindsided or drop out during successive interviews.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingHow to Successfully Woo Sales Candidates over the Phone