The Role of Headhunters and their Importance to Sales Candidates

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A headhunter is a professional who helps to match qualified and skilled individuals with corporate clients. While some headhunters contract their services independently, others work as part ofagencies where they often specialize within specific fields. These experts are highly skilled in placing candidates in positions that are ideal for them based on their knowledge, skill, expertise and interests. Moreover, they ensure that their corporate clients get the best candidates for positions within their organizations.

Importance of Headhunters:

1. To Corporations

By using a headhunter, the corporation no longer needs to place advertisements when sales positions become available within the company. As a result, they do not need to direct any resources towards sifting through the hundreds of applications that usually follow; most of which are sent by applicants who for one reason or other, are not a good fit for the company. Instead, the headhunter executes all the tedious work that is involved in finding good candidates for the position and in so doing, performs initial screening on behalf of the company.

2. To Sales Professionals Seeking Placement

Headhunters are in the business of establishing and fostering relationships. By consistently matching their corporate clients with top-tier candidates to fill sales positions, the recruiter establishes him/ herself as a trustworthy expert entrusted with this responsibility, every time they are sourcing for salespeople. On the other hand, the headhunter also establishes a relationship with the potential candidate. Candidates with qualifications and expertise in sales usually submit their resumes to the headhunter who then conducts interviews either over the phone, or face to face. This is done in order to get a better feel of the candidate not just professionally, but also with regard to his/ her personality, interests and needs.

Headhunters understand that determining whether or not a candidate is ideal for a certain position is not solely dependent on professional qualifications. A potential candidate may have exceptional qualifications, but their needs may also conflict with the organization’s structure. For instance, the company may require their salespeople to travel extensively; while the candidate, although qualified, may be unable to travel for one reason or other.

By working on behalf of candidates, headhunters have access to information regarding positions and opportunities that the candidate would otherwise miss. This therefore exposes the candidate to more opportunities while simultaneously saving him/ her legwork that would otherwise be necessary. Another benefit of using a headhunter for sales candidates is that they are able to recognize the candidate’s true potential and as such, are in a unique position to put in a good word on their behalf, even in instances where the initial interview with the corporation did not go very well. Additionally, finding work through a headhunter gives the job seeker access to a comprehensive network which in turn widens their net, in addition to giving the candidate guidelines and tips to brush up their resume or skills.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingThe Role of Headhunters and their Importance to Sales Candidates