Top 2 Qualities Required for a Career in Inside Sales

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The term inside sales refers to the selling of products and/or services through either the phone or the Internet, without the salesperson actually meeting with them face to face. This sales strategy is mostly common among companies that sell through retail. As more and more people spend increased time on the Internet, the inside sales department is fast becoming one of the most essential to most companies. Consequently, recruiters and Headhunters are increasingly being called upon to find professionals to fill vacant or newly created positions in inside sales. Some of the tasks involved in inside sales include:

  1. Making cold calls
  2. Qualifying leads and contacting potential customers
  3. Receiving calls from -potential clients and serving their needs as needed

Top 2 Qualities of an Inside Sales Professional

1. Pro-activeness

When sourcing for inside sales professionals, Houston Headhunters are keen to find individuals who are proactive. Conducting inside sales does not require any travel, and the individual must perform all their tasks while at the office. It falls on him/her therefore, to seek out potential clients, narrow down the list, and then reach out to the potential client in a manner that will bring them round to eventually making a purchase or closing a deal.
Besides this, the professional needs to take the initiative with regard to continuous growth and learning. The sales industry in general is one that is continually evolving. It follows therefore, that the inside sales sub-segment will evolve as well. Recruiters therefore look for candidates who are driven in learning, researching and growing with the industry. An inside sales professional who does not learn and grow is likely to stagnate, which will likely slow the company down too.

2. The Ability to Build Relationships

The nature of inside sales is such that some of the qualities that are invaluable while conducting outside sales are rendered irrelevant. This is due to the fact the potential client does not interact with the salesperson one on one. Elements like eye contact, a warm smile and appropriate gesturing are effective in inspiring trust during outside sales, but are inapplicable for inside salespeople. Regardless of this fact, the professional still needs to build a relationship and inspire trust in the lead, in order for them to close the deal. For this reason, recruiters and headhunters are very specific about finding a candidate who can build rapport and communicate warmth – even without their being physically in the room. A potential candidate for the position would therefore do well to pay attention to the manner in which they communicate with the recruiter, both on the phone and via email. Some helpful guidelines include:

  • Smile: Even when speaking on the phone, a smile helps to lift your spirits and that of your listener. It is heard over the phone, just as it is possible to tell that a person is grumpy or impatient just by listening to them.
  • Be careful about your tone: Tone is important in any conversation but more so over the phone, as it is the main element that enhances your communication.
  • Avoid using wit and sarcasm: Wit is good but on the whole, difficult to pull off over the phone or through email. Keep all your communication clear and concise.
  • The inside sales strategy helps to save the company resources such as time and money which they would have otherwise spent on travel expenses. With the advent and continual development of inside sales, companies are now able to close sales faster and more efficiently.
Crawford Thomas RecruitingTop 2 Qualities Required for a Career in Inside Sales