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Why allow Crawford Thomas Recruiting to represent you?

Companies who choose us are looking for A+ candidates. If you are an experienced professional, we encourage you to view our open positions by clicking Search Open Jobs. From here, you can filter based on a variety of options including State, City and Job Category.

Partnering with Crawford Thomas Recruiting offers:

  • Distinction. Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll join a pool of the top applicants in your unique field. You have the ability to apply to the open positions that are a fit for your distinctive background.
  • No cost. We never charge applicants a fee for using our matching services. While some agencies charge extra for finding you work, we believe the best employees shouldn’t have to pay for being fantastic candidates.
  • Thoughtful placement. Our goal is to match the right candidates with the right company. We’ll vet applicants for each position and vet the businesses we work with to ensure both parties are satisfied.
  • High retention rates. With a better matching process comes better job security. The result of going through an advanced hiring process with Crawford Thomas is a higher retention rate at your new company.
  • Recruitment urgency. The time to find a new position is now. We work fast to make sure connections are secured as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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