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Why engage Crawford Thomas Recruiting?

We know the modern business world is more dynamic than ever. As we stay up to date with the ever-changing recruitment landscape, our full-service agency provides a guaranteed solution for our client’s hiring needs by way of our reasonable contingency-based placement costs paid only upon successful hire. That means you pay nothing, until we’ve found you the perfect candidate.

Partnering with Crawford Thomas Recruiting offers:

  • Superior recruiting expertise. Get matched with personalized recruitment professionals experienced in your specific industry. We’ll assign you seasoned experts with firsthand knowledge in the staffing challenges you’re currently facing.
  • Top industry talent. With hundreds of thousands unique candidates in our proprietary database, our team can proactively identify and recruit top candidates. This process ensures plenty of high-quality options for your open positions.
  • Immediate action. We hit the ground running. Our recruiters will work from the moment you get in touch to the moment your new employee joins the team. The sooner you contact us, the faster we can find you the exact candidate you’ve been looking for!
  • Efficient optimization. At any given moment, we can scale to meet the exact demands of your hiring needs. Whether you’re looking to replace a single long-time worker or secure a batch of employees for a new department, our agency is designed to help.
  • Significantly lower attrition. A wide variety of properly assessed candidates leads to better hiring decisions. Accurate recruiting by Crawford Thomas allows you to build the right team for your organization.

Best of all, we offer guaranteed results. Start your candidate search now!

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