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In the world of accounting and finance, businesses are constantly looking to improve their ranks with high-quality recruits. For job seekers, finding the perfect company is a shoo-in to entering a lucrative career in finance. Here at Crawford Thomas, we specialize in finding the best fit for you – whether you are a company looking to place the perfect candidate in a role or you are a potential candidate looking for the job of your dreams.

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Crawford Thomas understands that businesses have different needs when it comes to recruitment, which is why we have recruitment options for interim staffing, permanent placement, and finance consulting solutions. Whatever the case may be, know that Crawford Thomas Recruiting has ideal candidates for each role.

Not only that, but our candidates are primed for eventual promotion into permanent roles, should you choose to elevate interim staffing into more permanent employee solutions.

We also have candidates that fit into entry-level, mid-level, or executive-level positions. No matter which gap your company is trying to fill, Crawford Thomas has the candidates you need.

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As a job seeker, you not only want a job that fits your experience and salary wishes, but also one that promotes upward mobility. Crawford Thomas offers these types of positions in finance companies across the country. Candidates can filter by field, state, and city in order to find the best fit for their desired location.

Candidates will also find information on the company, what responsibilities the position entails, the required qualifications, and compensation and benefits. We provide a full scope of the position so candidates can make a knowledgeable determination on their interest in the role.

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We Know Finance

Many of our finance job recruiters have previous experience in the industry. They know what it takes to excel in the field and can provide real insight into these jobs and companies. They also can assist with prepping candidates for interviews, editing their resumes to bring out the best of their skills and experience, and be there to answer any questions candidates may have.

What does this mean for financial firms looking for candidates? It means our recruiters know what to look for in resumes, how to navigate the “fluff” and sort through candidates to find the best possible fit. Our stringent pre-screening protocols ensure that the candidates we send your way are thoroughly vetted and an ideal option for your current positional needs.

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If you are ready to find top-rated finance candidates, if you are ready to find the best available finance positions in your desired market, then now is the time to give Crawford Thomas a try! With a focus on alignment, Crawford Thomas is able to identify top talent and recommend them for placement.

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