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So your company is growing. This is an exciting time, and yet it can also be stressful.

You need to add employees, but don’t know where to start. You don’t have the time to sift through resume after resume trying to find candidates who will be an asset to your company. You need employees immediately.

Crawford Thomas’ Chicago Staffing Agency is just the ticket you need.

When you use Chicago Staffing Agency, you don’t have to spend a fortune placing ads online or in publications. Our job is to make yours easier. Just provide us with details on what kind of employees you are looking for. Chicago Staffing Agency will vet resumes of potential candidates, and select those who are the most suitable for your company. Candidates also undergo more intensive screening as well as background checks.

But Chicago Staffing Agency goes beyond selecting top-tier candidates for your business. Our unique recruiting methodology and additional services set us apart from other agencies. We have the big picture in mind and are also mindful of the current economy and adjust our strategies accordingly.

  • We know the Chicago area. We have relationships with both industry-leading companies as well as smaller organizations. We have a large network of clients and a database we add to frequently. You can be sure that our candidates are qualified. You eliminate the risk of hiring incompetent individuals.
  • In this process, employees are hired by Chicago Staffing Agency, not the employer. We manage employer payroll tax, unemployment insurance, payroll processing fees and employee’s compensation insurance – taking a large bulk of paperwork out of your hands. We also provide salaries and benefits. Chicago Staffing Agency is a wise choice for business owners who want to manage expenses and stay within a budget.
  • Chicago Staffing Agency is particularly beneficial to industries with tough-to-fill positions. We specialize in the areas of sales recruitment, accounting and information technology. We select top talent for both part-time and full-time positions.
  • Chicago Staffing Agency is an excellent choice if you are looking for temporary employees. For example, in the event that one of your employees quits suddenly, Chicago Staffing Agency can often times have the vacancy filled within hours until a more suitable replacement can be found. This prevents real disruptions in your business. Temporary employees can be of great service for companies who are quite busy during certain times of the year. Temporary staff can help boost productivity and quality performance.

Temporary employees also give you a chance to test staff before offering them a permanent position. Other benefits of using Chicago Staffing Agency include controlling labor and overhead expenses, reducing turnover and increasing flexibility.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting has been matching employees and employers successfully since 2007. Our team of experts bring years of experience to the table. Let them handle the work of hiring while you concentrate on meeting those critical deadlines and watching your company thrive.

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