3 Key Skills to Seek in Your Digital Marketing Recruiting

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Economics trendEffective digital marketing recruitment can give you significant competitive edge. Digital marketing, the practice of marketing online, can help to put your business at the forefront of your industry in the digital age.

The Importance of Recruiting Digital Marketing Talent

Businesses of all types and in most industries are now becoming media publishers alongside their key offering. Only with digital marketing can you fully reach and engage your target market in the information age.

In fact, online presence and digital relationships between the business and its customers may now determine a company’s credibility. In fact, people are beginning to distrust brands that do not have online real-estate or a social media presence.

So how can you bring digital marketing into your marketing team? Look for these key skills when recruiting talented digital marketers.

  1. Fundamental Communication Skills

Digital marketing is still all about communication. Aside from the technical skills and expertise required, your team need to have fundamental communications skills. Talented writers will particularly be important to your team in creating the content for your digital marketing strategy.

Written content is the foundation of most effective digital marketing strategies. In fact, without giving serious thought to your content, you may fall into the trap of just talking without saying anything truly useful to your target market.

Specifically, look for evidence that a content marketer can cleverly and simply communicate a message in written form. Determine whether they understand the important role of blogs, articles and other written copy, as well as how to create copy that is enjoyable for your readers.

  1. A Technical Understanding of Digital Marketing and Application

Hiring talented professionals who truly understand how social media and online marketing works will be invaluable for your team. Social media and digital marketing experts will keep you in the know in this ever-evolving profession. Look out for evidence that the candidate keeps up with trends and changing practices.

However, technical knowledge is not useful unless the candidate can apply that knowledge for the benefit of the business. Make sure that the candidate understands how the business can benefit commercially from a digital marketing strategy.

  1. Passion for Your Industry

The best content marketing derives from the writers’ passion for the industry. Effective content marketing is informative and genuinely helps your target audience. This means that many of your digital marketing team members need to be informed and passionate about your specific industry.

This will help to ensure that they can continuously invent creative pieces of content to share with your followers. If your team is passionate about what you are selling, they will also inject authenticity into your sales and marketing efforts. This is important as authenticity and transparency is becoming increasingly important to consumers in our information age.

Look for evidence in the candidate’s CV or portfolio that they either have professional experience in your industry, or at least, passionate voluntary projects.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting3 Key Skills to Seek in Your Digital Marketing Recruiting