4 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

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In a tight labor market, employers should know that company culture can be a deciding factor for candidates searching for a new role. Managers and supervisors that provide strong support and ongoing recognition for their employees are more likely to land a pool of top talent.

There are, however, some managers that find it difficult to show their employee’s appreciation.

The following, are simple employee appreciation tips for your daily use.

Humans First, Employees Second

Understanding that your employees are human is the first and primary suggestion to begin showing appreciation. Take the time to get to know them and be aware of any personal issues. Knowing your employees more personally will allow you to understand what motivates them at work. This will give you great insight as a manager on how to help them succeed and make them feel valued.

Be a Mentor

Everyone wants to feel like their supervisor has their back in any given situation. Take being their mentor seriously. Help them achieve their career goals, not just the goals you have set for them.

Success is Public, Failure is Private

Showing your appreciation for a job well done, publicly, is a great way to motivate your employee and the rest of the team as well. There is never a need to announce a failure out-loud, if someone isn’t meeting their goals, pull them aside quietly and without a crowd.

Actively Listen

Find out what is important to your team. The feeling off appreciation can come from a great conversation where you listen and hear their thoughts, ideas, needs. If you truly value the work they do, you will consider these ideas and put them into action if possible.

Remember, everyday is employee appreciation day.

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Crawford Thomas Recruiting4 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation