5 Steps to Recruit Mobile Millennials

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According to FlexJobs.com, these are the 5 Steps to Recruit Mobile Millennials.

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Many job seekers (and in particular, those of the millennial generation) are going mobile. From creating their cover letters to submitting their job applications, virtually every aspect of their job search is being conducted via a smartphone or other mobile device. In order to attract this highly-sought-after segment of the workforce, adopt a mobile mindset and implement these strategies.

Here are five steps to recruit mobile millennials:

Keep it short.

It’s estimated that one in five millennials are using their smartphones—and not their computers—to surf the net. That means that everything they’re reading must be short and sweet, since they’re not going to scroll and scroll (and scroll) through a plethora of paragraphs until they reach the end. Use bulleted points for easier reading, whether it’s recent company news or information on your site’s About Us page. And be mindful when writing job descriptions to include the key points—and avoid the fluffy filler content.

Have an eye for design.

Sure, your website might be a vision of perfection on a computer screen, but how’s it holding up on a smartphone? Check out how your site appears on various mobile devices, since that will give you greater perspective as to how a millennial might be viewing it. If there are odd breaks, images that take forever to load, or if it just doesn’t look good, you’ll need to invest some time and manpower to make it mobile friendly.

Get social.

Millennials are a social bunch, offering their opinions on everything from the hottest restaurants to, yes, even companies that have poor hiring practices (like not responding after submitting your job application). Make sure that your social media presence is both professional and personable. Post frequently, not just about the jobs you’re hiring for, but other things that matter to millennials, such as cool company culture facts, your workers utilizing their workplace flexibility, and even snapshots of success stories. Be prepared to connect with potential job seekers online, too, as that can help build your mobile brand and be attractive to a millennial job seeker audience.

Make it easy to apply.

There’s nothing more frustrating for a job seeker than reading through a job listing, taking the time to apply, and then having their job application bounce back to them because of some glitch in your system. If you’re going to use an applicant tracking system to weed through potential job candidates, make sure that it can be used on a phone or tablet. That way, you won’t lose out on top talent.

Offer apps.

Millennials tend to be more comfortable using apps than having face-to-face conversations. Especially if you’re hiring for a remote job, you can take advantage of this by offering video interviewing apps, such as Facetime or Skype. Not only can it help in your interview process, but you’ll also be appealing to the types of technology that millennials prefer using.


Millennials are not the only ones using their smartphone for job hunting, so be sure to make your site friendly to all generations.

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