Here Are the Strategies Recruiters Use to Lower Turnover

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Did you hire a rockstar employee and then they leave less than a year later? If this is happening frequently, your business is suffering from high turnover.

High turnover can hurt your productivity but can also hurt your finances. Businesses lose between 16% and 213% of a lost employee’s salary. You end up wasting money on employee wages and training.

If you’re struggling to keep talented employees, it may be time to invest in a recruiter who can match you with the most reliable and skilled employees.

How do recruiters help your business lower turnover? Here are the core strategies they use.

They Look at Their Talent Database

If you recently lost a good employee, you may think they’re irreplaceable. While filling that position isn’t easy, there’s always more talent in the sea.

This is where a recruiter can come in.

They have a database of talented professionals who can be a good match. A recruiter will take a look at their database and will scale down who has the skills, experience, and other essentials that you need.

They Identify What You’re Looking For

When you hire, do you know all of the key details about the position? If not, a recruiter will likely know.

A recruiter will take a look at the position as well as the desired experience and skills. They will see how your needs are similar to the rest of the market and will identify the key details that separate this role from the rest.

From here, they will match you with a candidate that has the required skills and experience but will also meet the unique details you desire.

For example, let’s say some of the soft skills you require include empathy and reliability. Your recruiter will get to know each candidate to find these personality traits.

They Clarify the Role

Let’s say you own a tech company but you need an in-house graphic designer. How much do you know about the graphic designer role? Probably not much, right?

However, a recruiter probably knows many skilled graphic designers who have the required experience. The recruiter can deliver a few candidates and can discuss their skills and could even show you their portfolios.

This helps you have realistic expectations for the role so you’ll more than likely be pleased with your hire and they will be pleased working for your company.

They Take Your Culture Into Consideration

Hiring a great employee extends beyond their resume. You want to ensure your new employee can get along with the rest of your staff.

Your recruiter will get to know your business and will discover your unique culture. When they search for applicants, they will also get to know their personalities as well as passions and interests.

In addition, the recruiter will also conduct research based on their references and past positions.

Hiring the best employee while also taking cultural fit into consideration ensures your employee will stay with your business for the long-term.

They Look at Salary Requirements

Nearly half of U.S. workers feel they’re underpaid. If an employee can perform their same role for better pay, they will more than likely jump ships and leave your company in the dust.

While it’s best to decide a salary based on the fairest pay for the role, your company should also decide what’s fair for your budget and your personal demand for that role.

Decide on a salary requirement and share this with your recruiter. From here, the recruiter will match your requirements to the desired candidate salary.

What if your recruiter can’t find a match? The recruiter may offer insight and research into the role and if you should increase your salary requirements or if you should negotiate with an employee.

They Use Additional Tools

One of the many reasons why employers experience high turnover is they don’t know the tools to use for hiring. A recruiter knows the ins and outs of finding great candidates and all of the tools to track them down.

Let’s take social media as an example. Recruiters look beyond a candidate’s profile information and posts. They will look at their entire digital footprint to ensure a candidate is a good fit for the company.

Other examples of tools include college graduate databases and even job fairs.

They Get to Know the Department Management

Recruiters go beyond meeting your executive department and even HR.

A skilled recruiter will consult with the department manager of the role they’re hiring for, getting to know what they’re looking for and the candidate that will make their team thrive.

Let’s look at that graphic designer example again. If your tech company has a creative team, a recruiter will consult with the creative team’s department manager to discover what they’re looking for in a graphic designer.

This helps ensure they hire the right candidate and avoid the mistakes they made with previous hires.

They Look at Your Job Description

It’s smart to let HR or the department handle writing job descriptions and other key recruiting details.

However, recruiters have some tricks up their sleeves. They will ensure you write a comprehensive job description, describing the position details well and the responsibilities the employee needs to abide by.

A poorly written job description can attract the wrong candidates.

Job seekers only care if their experience and skills match your job description. A detailed job description will ensure you only attract the candidates who are best for the position.

Recruiters may also make recommendations. For example, do you offer any information about your company and your work environment?

The recruiter may recommend writing a brief description about your company and any relevant information about your headquarters and company benefits.

Lower Turnover Rates With a Skilled Recruiter

Do you need to lower turnover rates? If so, outsource a recruiter. They will look beyond a candidate’s skills and take their personality, the position, their salary requirements, and other tools into consideration.

This ensures you hire the right person the first time.

Contact us today and see how we can help you.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingHere Are the Strategies Recruiters Use to Lower Turnover