Hunting for Gold: 7 Must-Have Tips on Finding Qualified Employees in Atlanta

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It doesn’t matter if the business is big or small, hiring the right employee can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Piles of resumes may only produce a few candidates who might fit qualifications. So how do you attract more good employees with the right experience, talent, and personality you’re looking for?

Like anything in the business world, there are strategies to get the results you want. You’ve got to think outside the job board box and get creative with your recruiting.

Let’s look at 7 tips you can use to find employees right for the position in the Atlanta area.

1. Write Enticing Job Posts

With so many job postings out there, it can be easy to have yours lost in the crowd. Grab the right candidate’s attention by making your job posting stand out to them.

Have a certain personality profile in mind? Want your job seeker to have specific experience? Whatever you may be looking for in a candidate, target that person with the language you use.

Create a catchy headline to get their attention. Use industry-specific jargon if you’re wanting someone with experience. Have the posting seem laid back if that’s the type of person that will fit into the work culture.

The right candidate will feel like you’re speaking their language and won’t resist hitting the “Apply” button.

2. Use Social Media

Social media is a part of everyday life for most people. So why not find employees in the place where they already spend a lot of their time?

Post job listings on the company profile. Since potential candidates are already following the page, they’d jump at the chance of working for a company they already respect.

Have current employees share the job listing on their own social media accounts. It’s a great way to tap into a whole new candidate pool.

And don’t forget social media lets you have access to more than their resume. You can gain a more organic insight on job seekers by looking at their true likes and personality.

3. Get Referrals from Others

Word of mouth is one of the oldest tricks in the recruitment book, but One that can be easily overlooked these days. But don’t let an “oldie but goodie” pass you by.

Reach out to colleagues, family, friends, and anyone else in your network. Let them know what kind of candidate you’re looking for to see if they know anyone that would fit the bill in the Atlanta area.

The people in your network know you well, so they’re more likely to know when they have a recommendation that you would love to hire.

You can also use your network if you’ve located a job candidate on your own. Check out the candidate’s LinkedIn profile to see if you have any mutual connections. If so, hit up that connection to ask how well they know them.

4. Post on the Right Job Boards

When you’re looking for employees, it may be tempting to post your job listing on every job board out there. But just because you’ve tossed out a wide net doesn’t mean you’re going to find the exact employee you’re looking for.

Know which job boards your ideal candidate is job searching on.

For example, the majority of professionals use LinkedIn. Most industries have industry specific sites for job postings. Or people looking solely for remote positions will use boards focused only for remote work.

Focusing your attention on a handful of targeted job board will make the process of weeding out unqualified candidates that much easier on you.

5. Connect with Local Colleges and Universities

Atlanta area colleges and universities are teeming with fresh new talent. All of whom are eager and ready to prove themselves in the workforce.

If your open position doesn’t need a lot of industry experience, consider partnering with local schools to find new employees. You can attend on-campus job fairs, advertise your position in the school paper, and connect with industry organizations within the schools.

What students lack in work experience can be more than made up in education, soft skills, and a drive to succeed. All they need is a chance to get their foot in the door, because everybody’s got to start somewhere.

6. Target Competitor’s Employees

Ok, so maybe it’s a tad controversial, but sourcing talent from competitor businesses can provide the fresh new perspective you’ve been looking for in a qualified job candidate.

And if it makes you feel any better, 92% of people said they’d be willing to leave their current job for an offer with a reputable company.

So get to browsing through LinkedIn profiles of competitor employees. Engage with those that look to be a good fit for your open position. They may be willing to change companies; you can even offer a few enticing perks.

With these candidates, you already know they have extensive industry experience. Plus, they can bring new thoughts and ideas on how to do the job successfully.

7. Don’t Be Afraid of Street Recruitment

Sometimes recruitment destiny works in mysterious ways! That morning cup of coffee calling your name may land you standing next to the perfect job candidate at your neighborhood coffee shop.

Talent is everywhere. So when you’re out and about, keep your eyes and ears open.

You may spot someone with excellent customer service skills at the clothing store. Or strike up a conversation with a stranger in the grocery check out line that could sell anything to anybody.

Raw talent is right in front of you if you’re willing to see it. Business skills are easy to teach, but personality and industry spark may be just the thing you’re looking for.

Find Employees Right for You in Atlanta

The right employee is waiting for you. All you’ve got to do is follow these tips to find employees that will take your open position up to the next level.

Need help finding good employees for your company? Let us do the work for you! Contact us today.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingHunting for Gold: 7 Must-Have Tips on Finding Qualified Employees in Atlanta