Indeed’s Guide to Identifying your Personal Strengths

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Identify your personal strengths.

Before an interview, there are a few actions you should take to prepare. One of the most important steps is to review your strengths, skills and qualities as they relate to the job description for which you are interviewing. Your goal during an interview is to explain why your skill set is the best for what they need, why you are a good culture fit both for the company and their team and what makes you uniquely qualified to succeed in the role. If you’re unsure about your strengths, there are a few thought exercises that may help you identify them:

  • Take notes of things you enjoy. Take a few minutes to identify the activities you enjoy doing the most and that come naturally to you, then think about the underlying components that make these experiences enjoyable. Decide if there are any shared skills or patterns among them. For example, if you enjoy doing crossword puzzles to relieve stress, you might be a strong critical thinker and problem solver.
  • Consider the feedback you’ve received from others. Think back to times when people told you something they liked or admired about you, such as your communication skills or how well you organize and lead a team. You might also consider any times you received a reward, promotion or other recognition and what skills allowed you to get there.
  • Take an online test. Colleges, universities and agencies that assist in job placement often have skill and aptitude tests available to help you identify your strengths.
  • Think about the strengths of your role models. Think of your personal and professional role models. Decide what strengths of theirs you admire and whether you find yourself demonstrating any of these qualities.

Identifying your personal strengths provides you with a list of choices to select from during the interview process, making it easier to share them with your interviewers.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingIndeed’s Guide to Identifying your Personal Strengths