Why Employers Are Turning to Recruitment Agencies to Hire the Best

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Job ads have become increasingly obsolete in the hunt to find great talent. There are many reasons why this is the case, from more time-strapped employers to it really being a candidate’s job market.

In the following article, we’re going to discuss the top reasons why recruitment agencies are on the rise. But first, let’s discuss the difficulties that employers run into when trying to handle a task like recruiting on their own.

DIY Recruiting Difficulties

The drive to DIY, or “do it yourself,” starts because employers are under the false assumption they have the bandwidth to both handle the daily needs of their customers/clients and put the right amount of time and energy into finding the best help.

But the longer you’re in business, the more quickly you’ll realize the nuance and unpredictability of candidate searches. You can have someone who, on paper, looks like a great fit only to bail on you with no notice two weeks after starting. Or, you may find a diamond-in-the-rough (i.e., someone you’re on the fence about hiring who ends up becoming a star employee). 

The problem with DIY recruiting is you just never know. Systematic recruiting works best. But that can be a full-time job, and who has the time for it when they’ve got a business to run? 

This specific dilemma is why many believe the hiring of recruitment firms is on the rise. There are several benefits these firms bring to the table. Let’s take a closer look at what those benefits are.

1. Speeding Up the Hiring Process

The first major advantage a recruitment agency brings to the table is the timetable. So many business owners find themselves spread thin between their core mission and finding a top-quality candidate.

As a result, many Bad Fits get hired. And this costs an employer bigtime in training time and expenses. A recruitment agency specializes in scientifically screening candidates to reduce the likelihood of a quick washout. 

2. Maintaining Professionalism

Professionalism can be difficult to maintain when you’re strapped for time and resources. It’s easy to let callbacks and updates go unaddressed. As a result, many great candidates can lose interest and go with another offer.

Startups and small businesses, particularly, stand to benefit from the professionalism of a job recruitment agency. That’s because they can continue to focus on their business while the agency handles the rest.

That means the agency culls candidates, weeds out candidates, and keeps qualified candidates in-the-loop through every step of the process. And they do it without upsetting the daily operations of their clients.

3. Helping Retention

Retention is a priority for every business, and some industries can struggle to keep up. With a jobs recruitment agency working on your behalf, however, that gets a little bit easier. How so? 

  • By ensuring fairness and equality in hiring practices: a diverse workforce is a happier and more productive one. 
  • By not overburdening existing employees: the agency takes more off your workers’ plates and allows them to do their jobs unimpeded by the extra responsibilities of hiring.
  • By choosing the best options: this means weeding out under- and overqualified candidates
  • By offering guarantees: some firms have gone to guaranteeing the candidate’s stay for a certain length of time or they will offer refunds should the employee quit before the agreed-upon term.

Recruiting firms set the conditions for your hiring campaigns to be successful long after the employee’s first day on the job. Take advantage of it!

4. Getting the Best Possible Candidate

Business owners, do you find yourself searching “recruitment agency near me” a lot for help with your candidate search process? It can be great to find a local firm but it’s also not as necessary. 

That’s because, when recruiting, you want to widen your reach and, more importantly, get job-specific rather than location-specific. So the “job recruiters near me” function may be one you reserve for general laborers. When it comes to an actual specialist, let firms that have experience in locating those types of candidates narrow your search.

5. Keeping Up with the Times

Job recruiters in Tampa and other technologically-advanced cities use social media, specialized websites, and even a candidate’s own web activities as a way of drawing them toward specific positions. Doing this on their client’s behalf makes the client appear like a forward-thinking company. Just the type a talented candidate would want to choose! 

6. Showing Transparency

Public agencies like police and fire departments know the value of using a recruitment agency when hiring top-level executives. They’re held to a higher standard when it comes to transparency than are private companies. By turning over their search to a professional firm, they create an open and transparent process the public can easily follow. 

7. Capitalizing on Marketing

Recruiting firms specialize in finding candidates. As such, they know how to target their market to attract the best of the best. 

Beyond targeting, they’re well-equipped at using analytics on various websites and social networks. They know which websites to target and how to stretch their clients’ dollars to get the widest possible targeted outreach at the lowest possible price. 

These skillsets take a lot of trial-and-error to learn from scratch. Usually, so much a company would have to hire a full-time employee to be able to do it all in-house.

8. Going Deeper Than the Job Board

Job ads are dying because qualified candidates have seen the results for themselves. They know that most jobs are filled through networking. And they’re going all-in in that direction. 

A company looking to hire the best candidates must follow suit. They must pour more of their energies and resources into effective networking. Recruiting firms build their business models around this very concept.

9. Maximizing Negotiations and Market Competitiveness

Last but not least, recruiting agencies provide an advantage when negotiating salaries while maintaining competitive market rates. They deliver candidates understanding of the financial environment into which they’re entering. That way you don’t have to offer an exorbitantly higher sum of money than what it would take to beat your competitors. 

Consider a Recruiter Before Your Next Round of Job Ads

We know there may be some nervousness about leaving job ads behind. But recruiting firms give you a smarter and more effective way of doing it. And that’s peace-of-mind. 

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingWhy Employers Are Turning to Recruitment Agencies to Hire the Best