How Orlando Recruiters Help Make Passive Candidates Actively Interested

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When it comes to finding the best possible candidates for a senior-level position, Orlando recruiters often hit a wall. While there are plenty of talented candidates out there, some of them simply aren’t interested in accepting the job and leaving their current position. These are known as “passively interested” candidates. Sure, the new job sounds interesting, but they’re happy where they are. This is one of the biggest reasons recruiters find themselves “leaving talent on the table.”

Luckily, they’ve developed a set of tactics and skills to work around the challenge of a passively interested candidate.

Why Passive Candidates Must Become Active Candidates

Without a candidate taking an active, targeted interest in a company, it’s impossible to recruit them. Passive candidates may have all of the skills, expertise, and knowledge in the world, but it’s no good unless they also have a genuine interest in the position the headhunter is attempting to fill. While passive candidates all vary from one another, they tend to share the following traits in common:

  • Passive candidates are happy in their current positions and are mostly unwilling to move.
  • Passive candidates may be open to talking to a recruiter, but are unlikely to do anything about the position after the conversation is over.
  • Passive candidates may be unwilling or ambivalent about the idea of reaching out to their personal connections to spread the word about the position.

While passive candidates aren’t openly disinterested in a position, they are quite undecided about the idea of moving. Because of this, passive candidates must be transformed into active candidates (candidates who are not only interested in but willing to move on a job position) if the recruiter is to take full advantage of their talent and skill.

3 Tactics Orlando Recruiters Use to Increase Active Interest

1. Adopting an active recruitment style

One of the best ways for a recruiter to create active candidates is to adopt an active recruitment style themselves. By using popular social platforms like LinkedIn to locate and communicate with highly qualified talent, an Orlando recruiter can quickly find the most qualified candidates and take active steps toward encouraging them to interact with the job at hand.

2. Offer additional information

One of the major factors standing between passive candidates and an active interest is a lack of information. To combat this, one of the most productive things Orlando recruiters can do is to offer more information. For example, a passive candidate who believes that he or she is simply one of hundreds of people who have been contacted by the recruiter may well be converted by understanding that they are in the top two or three desired candidates, or that they’ve been contacted because the job requires their specific and unique skills.

3.Develop a long-term relationship with the candidate

In high-level management positions, it’s understandable that high-quality candidates may be hesitant to leave a current position to leap into a new one. If a recruiter pushes the candidate at this critical point, the relationship is at risk. Because of this, Orlando recruiters generally take it slowly with highly qualified passive candidates. By playing the long game rather than pushing for an immediate conversion or payoff, recruiters can quickly encourage long-term relationships that benefit both the recruiter and the candidate.

Good Recruiting Takes Skill and Time

Passive candidates are common in the world of recruiting. While many headhunters simply give up on them, believing they are too difficult to recruit or too unwilling to offer a positive experience, the Orlando recruiters that choose to stick with these passive candidates stand to secure some of the most highly skilled candidates in the market.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingHow Orlando Recruiters Help Make Passive Candidates Actively Interested