What are Millennials Like in the Workplace

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Each employee has different working styles. Because of the diverse makeup of offices today, employees are often grouped with the generations they fall under to study behavioral patterns easier. Millennials, the youngest of the batch, have been notorious for being the most different kind of workers compared to the previous generations.

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Who are the Millennials?

The millennial generation, also known as Generation Y, grew up during the evolution of technology. As such, they are the last batch to experience growing up with analog devices. They were quick to learn the ins and outs of digital technology and adapted the use of these gadgets in their everyday lives.

Millennials are leaders in the tech know-how in the workplace. The innovative environment they grew up in influenced the way they work and think, which they proudly exhibit in the workplace. Their different perspective can be a breath of fresh air and should not be feared.

What are Millennials like in the workplace?

To understand the generation who is set to make up 75% of the workforce in 2025, you must first study and acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses. What motivates and demotivates them? Knowing their key traits is crucial to your quest for managing them properly in the workplace.

  • Millennials highly prioritize career growth and advancement. If they feel that they are stagnant in their roles or they don’t believe they can learn from the people around them, they are more likely to leave.
  • This generation is generally enthusiastic about work and views their experiences as something that can give them meaning and purpose.
  • Gen Y folks are also very independent, and they do not appreciate micromanagement. Having access to the right tools necessary to finish the task is enough for them to figure out a solution and do the work.
  • Their views on diversity are very open and accepting, making them one of the most tolerant and amicable group of people you can meet.
  • Technology is essential to this generation. Millennials are spearheading a future where everything is entirely
  • Millennials are also always connected due to the introduction of social media and smartphones. This is what fuels them to support remote work environments and flexibility.
  • They also value work-life balance so that they can pursue their other goals.

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