3 Essential Qualities while Headhunting in Optical Imaging Solutions

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Optical imaging is a high-tech procedure that professionals use in order to look inside the body of a patient and make determinations regarding what they see there. It is a key component in the process of creating images of areas in the body that would otherwise be invisible. This makes it imperative to diagnostics and treatment; where the optical imaging professional collects data, interprets it, records it and then submits it to the doctor. The doctor then sets the patient on a course of treatment. Besides this, the technique is also invaluable in research; where clinicians use optical imaging to perform elaborate experiments.

Benefits of Optical Imaging

Companies that provide optical imaging solutions often seek out the services of Atlanta headhunters in order to source for and hire professionals who are both skilled and a good fit for the company. These companies specialize in Optical Imaging Solutions because of their numerous merits that include:

  • It is non-invasive and does not require any introduction of devices into the body.
  • Uses visible light and photons, as opposed to using the ionizing radiation that is associated with x-rays.
  • Clearer results because the light rays diffuse differently on different types of tissue within the body, hence ensuring detailed results up to the more difficult to view, soft body tissue.

Qualities that Headhunters look for in an Optical Imaging Professional

1. Strong Inter-personal Skills

Atlanta headhunters recognize that the optical imaging professional is going to be interacting with people, often patients and their loved ones, when they are not at their best. He/she is therefore going to need to be able be an effective communicator. Clear and concise communication is an important skill in optical imaging solutions. This is because the professionals work closely and interact with two sets of people.

On one hand, they are required to provide accurate and usable information to doctors and researchers. On the other hand, they need to interact with patients who in some cases may be anxious and nervous about the procedure. In the latter case, it helps most patients when the professional explains the procedure to them; outlining why it is important and in what ways they are going to apply the results. It is very important for the patient therefore, that the optical imaging professional speaks to them and treats them as a human being. This is a big part of what is referred to as bedside manner.

2. Comprehensive Technical Know-how

Optical imaging requires a lot of technical proficiency. Some of the skills required in optical imaging solutions include:

  • Design and development of Optical imaging systems
  • The difference between diffusive and ballistic optical imaging
  • Photonics
  • Imaging technology

As such, it is also important for the Atlanta headhunter to possess some usable knowledge of the industry; which will in turn enable him/her to identify a knowledgeable and skilled candidate from one who is not.

3. Keen Attention to Detail

The information collected during optical imaging often sets into motion a series of decisions and recommendations that are of fundamental importance. For this reason, the information gathered, as well as its interpretation, need to be accurately collected and recorded. While making recommendations on who is going to be hired therefore, the Atlanta headhunter will shortlist a candidate who is keen with details. Through their work, such an optical imaging professional will ensure that the researchers and doctors are drawing conclusions based on accurate information.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting3 Essential Qualities while Headhunting in Optical Imaging Solutions