Understanding the Recruitment of a Data Warehousing Professional

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Data warehousing is a specialty within computing; which refers to any activity that requires input from algorithms and algorithmic procedures. Within this context, a data warehouse is essential in the systematic reporting and analysis of data. This is because such a warehouse is a depository for combined data, collected from several sources that appear vastly different and unrelated. The data warehousing team that the recruiter hires is therefore responsible for storing both past and current information; which is then used to create reports on market trends. Besides this, the information is also used by the company’s management to compile and compare quarterly and annual reports.

Qualities that Recruiters Look for in a Data Warehousing Candidate

1. Stability and Reliability

Data warehousing professionals are essential to companies and organizations that deal with expansive systems that are optimized to process transactions. Due to the intricate nature of their responsibilities, it is important for the company to be able to rely on the data warehousing team. Recruiters and Houston headhunters use different means to determine how reliable the candidate is. These include:

  • Paying attention to their management of time
  • Exploring their work history and their turn-over rate at the different positions they’ve worked in the past
  • Observing their consistency with regard to calling the recruiter back when they say they will, or sending email and information within the time that they promise to do so.

2. Technical Knowledge

The candidate seeking to join the data warehousing team must have a comprehensive, working knowledge of data warehousing systems. This includes skills in systems such as:

  • Data Mart
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)
  • Predictive Analysis

It also requires knowledge in software tools; understanding which ones are relevant to data warehousing, and how they work.

3. Ability to Work Autonomously

In order for the data warehouse to effectively serve its function, it must be invulnerable to internal cross-fire. As such, members of the data warehouse team need to be able to stand their ground in spite of pressure from within or without their company. Even while working autonomously however, the team should still deliver regular, accurate reports to upper-level managers at the company.

Recruiters and Houston headhunters recognize that if they hire team members who are easily influenced, the entire data warehousing team become vulnerable to compromise; which in turn nullifies the purpose of the warehouse.

4. Possess a Keen Attention to Detail

The effectiveness of any company’s data warehouse hinges upon the information contained therein. As such, it should only consist of information that supports the goals and strategy that the company has set. The role of the team therefore, is to keenly organize this information in a manner that makes it easy to retrieve, analyze and draw conclusions from.

When sourcing for new data warehousing professionals, Houston recruiters are keen to observe whether the candidate is able to notice details that would otherwise escape people’s attention. Besides this, the recruitment professional is also very interested in what the candidate is likely to do with the small details once they’ve noticed them.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingUnderstanding the Recruitment of a Data Warehousing Professional