4 Simple Solutions for Better Work-Life Balance

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Work-life balance is one of the most important things you can provide yourself to achieve better mental health. As technology continues to be more and more frequent throughout your day, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to have a work-life balance. Everything begins to blur together as you answer emails, check text messages, scroll social media, and communicate with your co-workers. Having the ability to maintain a work-life balance is going to take a different set of solutions for everyone, however, these 4 tips seem to be the most popular and efficient.


Prioritizing your professional and personal tasks should be the start of each and every day. Make sure you are focusing on items that are mandatory, this includes a hybrid of the two (work and life). Picking your kids up from school, work assignments, eating and drinking. It’s smart to differentiate between the tasks that are non-negotiable and the tasks that require less of a priority. Focus on setting aside enough time to achieve the non-negotiable tasks first, and from there make a list of other responsibilities you’re tasked with throughout the day.


Find a schedule and stick to it. I am not here to force you to be a morning person! Some people are natural early-birds, and this group will tend to be at their peak productivity in the morning hours. If you’re the type of person to hit the snooze button 5 times and find yourself rushing to work to make it on-time, I would assume that this group is more productive in the early afternoon hours. The task here is to keep yourself consistent and in rhythm during the work week. Find a sleeping schedule and do your best to stick to it. If you’re more efficient in the later hours of the day, use that time to make a to-do list for your morning self. It will help you complete the less prioritized tasks at an hour that you may not be at your most attentive. You’ll want to schedule the more important things for later and vise versa for the folks that enjoy the morning workout and watching the sunrise.

Productivity Tools

There are two types of workers in your office, one that uses digital technology to stay organized and one that prefers to write down their tasks on a planner or desk calendar. Think about your weaknesses, do you struggle to remember smaller tasks? Using a reminder system will streamline your day-to-day tasks. I prefer notifications and calendar invites to keep my days organized. Others may prefer to write everything down like a journal. The goal is to use a tool and update it very frequently.

Clean Your Work-space

Let’s call it decluttering. Even though you may feel like you’re focused, visual clutter strains your brain’s mental resources so you’re actually less productive and take longer to complete simple tasks. This is not only at the office. Work-space can be in your home or bedroom. While you may not realize it at the time, but clutter in your home can distract you from your routine. Simple advice would be to take 10min a day and straighten up your work area from clutter that may distract you from your task at hand.


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Crawford Thomas Recruiting4 Simple Solutions for Better Work-Life Balance