7 Mistakes That Tampa Recruiters Need to Stop Doing Now

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If your recruiting hunt is losing steam, it may be time to reflect on what internal mistakes are being made. Often times, hiring managers can be making errors that are much costlier than they seem.

Tampa recruiters- read on to learn about the mistakes many are making in their hunt for the ‘perfect’ candidate.

1) Avoid Computerized Ranking Systems

In our tech-savvy world, it’s easy to condense our work as much as possible. When you receive hundreds of resumes, it would probably be much easier to use a ranking system.

As you already know, what you are tasked with is, as a recruiter, is ridiculously important. You are in charge of finding trustworthy, qualified staff for your company.

However, your fellow staff members aren’t the only people who are affected by your work.

Behind each application is a person who looking for a new direction in life. Utilizing a computerized ranking system trivializes their attempts to find a new position.

Computerized ranking systems screen resumes and applications for keywords. If their resume doesn’t match, then the system is told: “onto the next one”.

This leads to candidates who could be good fits for the company getting glossed over. Taking the time to review each application guarantees you are finding the best candidate possible.

2) Rethink Job Boards

Sure, it’s easy to pay Indeed and Monster to feature your job posting. But with recruiting, you should be thinking in terms of quality as opposed to quantity.

Job boards are great for Tampa recruiters looking to staff frivolous positions. (Read: Jobs with little-to-no education or experience requirements.)

However, most positions require certain skill sets and former experience.

On average, corporations receive 250 applications for an open position. Of these applicants, only 4-6 are deemed qualified for the position.

There are smarter, more efficient ways to recruit. As a headhunter, your concern should be finding the most qualified candidates- not the most candidates.

3) Stop Prolonging Hiring Decisions

If you have more than 1 qualified candidate, you and your company should feel very grateful. That means you are doing the ‘recruiting’ portion of your job correctly.

What comes next is much more challenging and emotionally invested.

You’ve had 10 interviews, found 3 candidates that really stood out and want to just hire them all. As we all know, that’s not how the real world works.

As mentioned above, your applicants are real people with real needs. They deserve answers in a timely fashion. You must not take weeks to respond after interviews.

For one, it’s disrespectful to all parties being considered. Also, it could lead to your candidate accepting another position instead of yours.

Don’t drive away good talent because you are being indecisive. Put time into your decision but be cordial and efficient.

4) Stop Rescinding Offers

There are few things in the world that feel worse than getting a job offer and then having someone kick in the bucket.

If you are in the process of recruiting and hiring, it is your job to make sure your company is ready. Budget issues arise but as Tampa recruiters, you must handle those concerns prior to onboarding new staff.

In most cases, it is completely unethical to make a job offer then rescind. As a headhunter, you should consider and iron out any issues prior to hiring.

Your follow-through with candidates is extremely important. How you handle these individuals is a direct reflection of the company.

Don’t give your business a bad image because of uncertainties such as this. With online reviews and other professional networking platforms, a mistake like this is sure to backfire.

5) Not Providing Feedback

For most, the job hunt is scary. And while getting a call for an interview is very exciting, it’s also downright terrifying.

Even if you decide against hiring a candidate, that person should know. Not only that, but it is seriously beneficial for them to know why they aren’t being hired.

Yes, that sounds brute. Bare with me.

94% of people want feedback after an interview even if they are being rejected.

At the bare minimum, you should send a follow-up message stating that they have not been accepted. Furthermore, you should politely explain why they weren’t a good fit for the position.

There is a very tasteful and respectable way to acknowledge but decline a candidate for the job.

Say, after an interview, you found out that their skill set didn’t line up well with the requirements of the job. Telling a person that isn’t actually isn’t as harsh as it may seem.

Offer constructive criticism allows candidates to recognize areas for improvement. It also shows that your company is on top of their game and very communicative.

6) Focus On Your Company’s Image

Did you know that you’d be roped into marketing, too? Being a company recruiter means that you must protect and promote the best image of your company.

47.7% of candidates have had no prior communication to companies before applying. Your response could be the first (and only) exposure candidates receive.

Finding the best talent means putting your company’s best foot forward. Be sure your online presence isn’t standing in the way of attracting good candidates.

Read online reviews and check Glassdoor for present and past employee remarks. Try to address these concerns in a very polite and respectful fashion.

7) Stop Trying to Find the ‘Perfect Candidate’

It’s unlikely that you will find a candidate whose qualifications are a perfect match. And that is perfectly okay.

As Tampa recruiters, you should be looking for the best-suited candidate- not the perfect candidate. If you are in the mindset of having to find the ‘perfect candidate’, you aren’t going to recruit efficiently.

You must be considerate of other staff members who rely on you to fill the open position in a timely fashion. Your coworkers work depends on your work- and your work is to find a candidate who can handle the job.

A qualified candidate will be able to meet the requirements even if they aren’t an exact pen and paper match. This is another reason it’s important to screen resumes as you may catch details systems might miss.

Tampa Recruiters- Look No Further!

At Crawford Thomas Recruiting, we are dedicated to providing candidates that will excel within your company. We staff inside and outside sales, accounting and technology and engineering. Contact us today to learn more!

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