Benefits of a Recruiting Firm for High Volume Hiring

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There are 3 main challenges when it comes to high volume hiring that can be easily avoided with the help of a recruiting firm.

Developing an efficient and effective interview process is no easy task when you’re hiring for multiple roles at the same time. Below you’ll find the 3 areas that HR Professionals struggle with the most. Without giving away too many of our secret ingredients, we’ll explain how Crawford Thomas Recruiting can help.

Accurate Job Description 

According to Select International “Hiring cannot start until you understand what positions need to be filled and what to look for in prospective employees. This can be one of the most difficult stages of planning a mass hiring burst because, in many cases, the hiring needs are unique to the expansion.” Using Sales Recruiting as an example, when your team is tasked with hiring multiple sales employees, ranging from entry level through director positions, it is important to know the differences between them. Crawford Thomas Recruiting has put together hiring campaigns for many high-end clients selecting several professionals at the same company, in different roles. We assist with writing the job description and ensuring accuracy with qualifications for our clients’ specific openings.

Managing Candidates 

After the job descriptions have been designed, candidates are invited to apply. Due to the large number of positions, the HR reps managing the hiring project see high candidate volumes but have few internal resources to handle them. That’s clearly where Crawford Thomas comes in handy. We have designated a team of qualified recruiters and an account manager to oversee each resume. It is important to pay attention to how candidates react to your hiring process. If you’re not using a recruiting firm and you’ve gone with an automated route, that could pose an extremely negative backlash on how candidates view your company. Some will claim there is no human element and the last thing you want is for someone to write a negative review on your social media. Instead, use Crawford Thomas Recruiting. We handle hundreds of thousands of candidates within our own database. We’re able to manage candidate expectations and assist with scheduling interviews with hiring managers.

Interview Mania 

How is your small team of HR reps going to handle multiple interviews at once? High volume hiring sounds tough, your team may think there needs to be several layers of interviews to weed out some of the weaker candidates. That routine will hurt you in the long-run. Candidates will fall off due to the lengthy process and lack of feedback between interviews. Using a recruiting firm will allow your HR team to focus only on a selected group of qualified candidates. The team at Crawford Thomas Recruiting is able to screen tons of candidates asking a different series of questions to ensure the group that makes it through to the next round of interviews is qualified and excited to be a part of the company.

High volume hiring can be stressful, time consuming, and an overall struggle…If you aren’t using Crawford Thomas Recruiting! We are here to take the leg work out of the process, assisting every step of the way. Managing Candidates, Ensuring Accurate Job Descriptions, and of course, Interviewing and Screening candidates to ensure quality! Give us a call when you’re ready to hire. No matter how large of a project it may be.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingBenefits of a Recruiting Firm for High Volume Hiring