Common Retail Recruiting Challenges Expected to Rise in 2017

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Candidates have been attracted to the retail and sales industries for some time now.

These areas often have flexible working hours, variety, and tons of opportunity for advancement. While the market is appealing, retail recruiting and retaining is quite difficult compared to other industries.

Those looking to enhance their sales staff in 2017 may find themselves facing a unique set of challenges that only retailers and sales companies tend to experience.

3 Retail Recruiting Challenges that Will Demand the Assistance of a Retail Headhunter

1. The Retail Recruitment Process is On-Going

Retailers often see a high rate of no-shows for job interviews or even the first day of work. This no-show issue is because their candidate received an offer elsewhere.

Also, once the position is filled, sales companies tend to stay in communication with retail recruiting agencies, because high staff turnover is likely.

A Radford Survey in 2015 found that sales representatives leave at a rate of 10 to 13 percent, which is high compared to other industries. More so, they concluded that it caused a potential disruption for these companies of approximately $50 million in revenue per year.

Therefore, having a recruiter ready to fill a vacant spot is critical for any business. Also, hiring the right person for the vacancy, one that is looking for long-term opportunities, can limit turnover.

2. No Shortage of Candidates

Unlike other specialized industries, sales see a high volume of candidates. The issue, however, is sorting through all the potential talent and finding the right fit for a company.

A retail recruiter can handle the narrowing down of candidates, and find a suitable hire based on the company’s schedules, pay, and workplace culture.

3. Quick Decisions are Required

In retail recruiting, a quick decision is critical.

Unlike other specialized industries, sales do not have time to sit and contemplate on a candidate. If they find one they like, they must hire them before someone else does.

Candidates are continually scooped up by other competitors before a company can make their move, and when it comes to hiring for the major positions, being first in line and acting fast is critical to secure the right person for the job.

Find Outside and Inside Sales Representatives with the Leader in Retail Recruiting

Crawford Thomas offers inside and outside retail hiring to help you locate dedicated sales professionals who are persistent and successful. We want you to beat the odds of high turnover costs and numbers, which is why we look for professionals who suit your business’s needs and exceed expectations.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingCommon Retail Recruiting Challenges Expected to Rise in 2017