4 Daunting Challenges Healthcare Headhunters Will Face in 2017

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Dallas headhunters face challenges in any industry. However, healthcare is one of the hardest industries to find top talent for today.

Healthcare facilities cannot afford to hire talent that does not suit their work culture, and they do not have the resources to train healthcare professionals or encounter high turnover rates continually.

Also, hospitals, dental offices, and pharmaceutical sales companies all have one looming issue hanging over their head: liability.

They must hire people that follow all HIPPA rules, protocols, and ensure their hires do not cause harm. After all, the hospital could be liable for vicarious liability just for a single bad hire.

With the right Dallas headhunters, health care companies and pharmaceutical sales companies can bypass most of these challenges.

4 Challenges Facing Healthcare Recruiting for the New Year

1. Limited Pool of Qualified Employees

The biggest issue facing healthcare recruitment is the lack of qualified staffers. The number of nurses, pharmaceutical sales representatives, dental assistance, and healthcare assistants is dwindling. Because there is such a high demand, Dallas headhunters often find that the candidates are in the seat of power for negotiations.

One survey from Health Careers Network found that the demand for services in healthcare will increase over the next decade, especially with the aging Baby Boomer population.

2. Education versus Experience Issues

Education and experience in medical sales and healthcare services have always been an issue. After all, a candidate that just recently graduated with a Master’s degree seems perfect, but there is also a candidate with a community college education that has 12 years of experience.

Issues like this can make it hard for Dallas headhunters to pick the right fit for an establishment. However, they will often look to their client (the employer) for guidance as to which means more to them.

When it comes to something like pharmaceutical sales, for example, a person with ten years’ experience in sales is more ideal than someone fresh out of school with a sales degree.

3. The Race to Scoop of Graduates

Some companies are looking to hire right out of college, especially in dental, medical, and pharmaceutical sales. Companies can bypass the lack of talent by using headhunters who have relationships with local programs and universities — ensuring they too get a piece of the recent graduate pie.

4. More Baby Boomers Leaving the Workforce

The number of Baby Boomers leaving the workplace is putting a high demand on companies to find replacements. This is particularly the case in healthcare and healthcare-related sales.

While no one can prevent a person from retiring, being prepared with proactive recruitment in place to fill the positions left vacant is critical.

Work with a Recruiter That Understands Healthcare Recruiting Issues

If you operate a medical, dental, or pharmaceutical sales company, or you need healthcare professionals to help with your products, the team at Crawford Thomas can help. Our Dallas headhunters can avoid these pitfalls of healthcare recruitment. Through our extensive network, we bring you a list of highly qualified candidates that can help your business thrive.

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