Staffing Trends of 2017 that Dallas Headhunters Must Know

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Just like any other industry, the recruitment industry has its share of staffing trends.

Dallas headhunters must know these trends if they want to attract top talent and satisfy their client’s requests for better staff.

Technology, economy and politics profoundly influence hiring trends for the upcoming year. From the outcome of the United States Presidential Election to how Brexit will impact the world, there are plenty of items that will change from 2016 staffing trends.

More Emphasis on Mobile

Dallas headhunters will be moving toward the mobile hiring sector. More talent is on their mobile devices, and they are hunting for jobs, messaging employers and sending in applications from tablets and smartphones; not the computer.

According to NPR, mobile recruiting is critical. In fact, companies that do not have a recruitment system setup for mobile access will fall behind the competition.

Social Media Will Become a Major Influencer

Social media has already been heavily used in recruiting, but Dallas headhunters will start using social media even more in 2017.

LinkedIn is the most popular platform for job seekers today, but more candidates are turning their attention to other social media sites, such as Instagram and Snapchat. Video content is in high demand too, so offering Snapchat could be a way to attract today’s job seeker.

The Gig Economy Has Arrived

The gig economy and gig workforce will reign supreme for 2017.

Gig workers are spread among a variety of occupations, and Dallas headhunters may not find them easy to identify in the crowd. However, most gig workers are like how they earn money.

Gig workers are matched with a job or customer through a mobile app or website. The gigs could be brief, such as answering a survey for a few short minutes, or it could be an 18-month contract job.

Dallas headhunters are starting to work toward getting those gig workers because many of them offer top talent. However, to attract this type of worker, a company must have more flexibility with their scheduling, and they must be heavy in technology.

Gig workers could be remote, temporary or contract, but they demand a flexible schedule that works for their lifestyle and personal needs. Also, team collaboration applications influence gig workers heavily, because they appreciate the ability to track progress on-the-go.

Deploy a Staffing Service to Attract Talent in 2017

This year it is all about the new workforce and using higher tech methods for attracting top talent. To succeed in today’s staffing economy, companies should employ the best staffing service possible.

Crawford Thomas has years of experience helping companies attract contract workers, gig workers, long-term employees, and executives.

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