How Houston Recruiters Ensure a Positive Candidate Experience

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Most companies do not put much effort into the candidate experience.

Over and over again, however, studies reveal they should.

How a candidate feels after they go through the interview and application process will determine if that top talented individual accepts the position extended to them.

Also, having positive candidate experiences will encourage potential candidates to apply again for jobs later (even if they were not accepted for the initial position).

Positive experiences are a driving goal for Houston recruiters because they know the profound impact a positive or negative experience can have on the company’s overall hiring data.

Houston Recruiters Hear Common Complaints

Job seekers replied to a request from US News back in 2010 about what bothered them most about potential employers, and the list was shocking to many. These complaints included:

  • No Response to Application: Candidates appreciate a response of some sort – especially so that they know their application is received by the recruiter or the company. No response tells them that the recruiter does not care.
  • Refusing to Discuss Budget for Salary: Transparency is critical with today’s worker, and Houston recruiters know it. A candidate wants to know the budget and salary requirements up front, and they do not want an employer that seems like they are hiding offers.
  • Time-Consuming Applications: The biggest influence on a positive candidate experience is how much time is wasted. When candidates go through multiple steps to apply, several interviews, and spend countless hours to get a job, they get extremely frustrated (especially if they do not receive an offer for that job).
  • Candidates Time is Not a Consideration: Candidates are looking for jobs; while interviewers have jobs. Therefore, interviewers and Houston recruiters must respect the limited time a potential candidate has and the fact that they are working to get a job (and may not have a salary right now).

Negative Costs with a Negative Candidate Experience

It wastes money to have a negative candidate experience. In fact, job seekers may switch to another brand if they have a bad experience with that brand, which means a company potentially loses customers just for wasting a candidate’s time.

A candidate will always apply for a job at a place they are familiar with, including a brand that they already use and love.

However, a negative candidate experience could teach that candidate the real culture of the company – even if it is not an accurate reflection.

Better Recruitment Tactics Create a Positive Candidate Experience

Using Houston recruiters to find employees for the job often eliminates the risks of a negative experience.

Companies like Crawford Thomas have pre-screened candidates that have already gone through the process of interviews, background checks, and more. Therefore, they are ready to employ at a moment’s notice – all without risking an adverse experience on a company’s brand.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingHow Houston Recruiters Ensure a Positive Candidate Experience